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Another long day at work and didn't help my physical situation - at all.
But now staring the weekend and have plans to do - much of nothing but rest, drink lots of liquids and read the Bible.  Oh, a probably go to church on Sunday and get some prayer.  I would go tonight for the Friday night prayer thing, but they aren't having it tonight since we had a New Year's Eve celebration on Monday.  I think, anyway.  Their calendar shows nothing for tonight anyway.

I made no grandiose New Year's resolutions for this year excepting to get closer to God.  No working out resolutions, no this that and the other thing, I just want to be closer to the Lord.  Which doesn't mean I won't take up working out again, who knows, but I won't resolve such a thing, those kinds of resolutions always seem doomed to imminent failure.

My manager wanted me to go and have some beers with him after work, but I refused. No alcohol, thanks.  And I'm not eating much, still, so no desire…