Friday, January 4, 2013

Another long day at work and didn't help my physical situation - at all.
But now staring the weekend and have plans to do - much of nothing but rest, drink lots of liquids and read the Bible.  Oh, a probably go to church on Sunday and get some prayer.  I would go tonight for the Friday night prayer thing, but they aren't having it tonight since we had a New Year's Eve celebration on Monday.  I think, anyway.  Their calendar shows nothing for tonight anyway.

I made no grandiose New Year's resolutions for this year excepting to get closer to God.  No working out resolutions, no this that and the other thing, I just want to be closer to the Lord.  Which doesn't mean I won't take up working out again, who knows, but I won't resolve such a thing, those kinds of resolutions always seem doomed to imminent failure.

My manager wanted me to go and have some beers with him after work, but I refused. No alcohol, thanks.  And I'm not eating much, still, so no desire to go eat, either.  I think he went without me.

I turned the radio off in the truck today - when I was driving obviously - and spent the time praying instead.  I am by no means stating that I am some super-spiritual person, but as I said, the only resolution I have is to get closer to the heart of the Lord and to hear more of his voice speaking and seek His direction for the rest of my life.

And that's that.  It is late (for me and my current condition), going to read, see if there's anything on
TV and then go to bed early.

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