Sunday, January 6, 2013

Faces From The Past

Seems to be a recurring theme going on lately, faces from the past that is.
A couple showed up at church this morning - people I hadn't seen in a long time, though I think I ran into them once at a Home Depot maybe a few or 3 years ago.  Their church had dissolved as of last week but they had been looking for a place for some time now.  I was shocked to see them sitting in some chairs after they had come in, one of those double-take moments.  I shouldn't have been so shocked, I guess, this church is about a mile away from their house - but to find the church takes a little bit of searching, not on the main surface streets.

I don't know what 2013 has in store for me, but I do know that I have been seeking the Lord in getting the past - in the past.  Let things go, forgive others, ask others to forgive me, others that don't want to speak that peace, at the very least, would be rested upon both parties if at all possible.  Not to mention changing some things in my personal life that - definitely need some serious adjustment. Already well into that.

Next week, our church starts a 21 day fast.  There are, of course, differing types of fasting, I believe most people will opt for a meatless diet.  If you happen to like meat, then going 21 days without it is different a form of fasting.  However, fasting for the sake of fasting is irrelevant. And certainly not the purpose the church has in mind. Seeking the Lord, with the whole heart, soul and mind.  Getting into the Word and finding what the Spirit is speaking to my heart, that will be my focus.  For direction, for help, for favor with individuals I need favor with, etc.  I haven't fasted in quite a while - well I went without food a few days this week but it wasn't an intentional forsaking of nutrition, I was sick and I simply did not want to eat anything.

Whatever the case, it's a Sunday afternoon, I have spent the weekend doing much of nothing attempting to get as fully recovered from this week's sickness episode as possible.  I did take one of the dogs for a walk at the park yesterday - I made it about a mile and ran out of energy and decided not to push it. That and church today besides some cleaning, that's been it.

I'm not really looking forward to a 5 day work week which is en-queue, to be honest, because I am not fully recovered yet and sometimes going 10 to 12 hour days for days in a road can bring a form of "relapse" in the recovery process, especially in my lungs.  So, I will simply stand in faith and believe God that I am healed and that the symptoms will not reappear.  As for church, a LARGE number of people were out with the same sickness.  The pastor shared that he had been to at least half a dozen homes yesterday praying for families that have gotten ill with this nastiness that is going around.

Umm, speaking of work, there isn't a paid holiday off until May, lol.  A yearly occurrence.  You want time off, you gotta just take floating holidays or vacation time.  I will not go 5 months without some days off, at the same time attempting to save my hours up for a 2 week extended period off this year, or possibly just take 3, 1 week vacations.  Up to 96 hours as of now.  This is the first year with my company that I will start accruing 10 hours of vacation time per month, up from the 6.6 hours you get for the first 6 years of employment with them and also move up to 140 hours of paid vacation, from the 100 I was getting.

Well, enough.  Time for a hot tea or coffee.


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