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The dentist did not have any good news for me today.
He offered 3 plans: A, B and C.
A - 20 grand.
B - 8 grand.
C - unknown but less than A and B.
I can't do plan A in phases, it won't work that way (like doing one tooth at a time).
Plan B can't be done that way, either, it's an implant with 4 teeth attached to it.
Plan C is partials.

These plans do not include the 3 crowns that I need elsewhere in my mouth.

I'm just going to pray over it, that's all I can do.  I don't have the kind of money it would cost for A or B and probably not C, either, even with insurance.

So - put it on the prayer list.


Abbreviated for: Too Much Information
Mark is going in for surgery (one of my tenants) for the same thing he had to have surgery for a few years back.  It's a 2 week recovery in the hospital.  So I asked him about it yesterday and he went into full detail about the recovery, passing gas and other - subjects that don't particularly appeal to me at all, and if a person goes on about it long enough, starts to gross me out.

TOO MUCH INFORMATION, thank you.  We all know what happens when you sit down on a toilet and we all know that TMI about that particular function is - well it's completely unnecessary.

Anyway, Hump Day is here (and for those that don't know, it is nothing sexual, just the official middle of the work week).  It is also the day I find out just how much work I need done on my teeth.  I was already told 6 crowns, but that did not include the front teeth.  Dentist appointment at 4:00.

Meanwhile, my search for a much closer walk with the Lord continues.  When…