Sunday, January 20, 2013

I don't know what came at me - a resurgence of the flu or just a head cold, but whatever it is, it's pretty much unbearable. It's easy enough,  I guess, to lay in bed and do nothing.  But, to go to work and be productive, a different story altogether.  Friday, I left work at around 12:30 pm - 6-1/2 hours of work and all I could handle.  My manager was home with his daughter, who has strep throat.  The operations manager simply told me to leave, it was obvious to anyone that I wasn't feeling well and that I wasn't really doing that well, even though I was working.

I have no idea about tomorrow.  I forced myself out of bed this morning, at 8:00 am which is wayyyyyyy later rise-time for me than normal, took a shower and got ready for church.  I wanted to go in for prayer if nothing else.  I ended up staying for the entire service and getting prayer at the end.

Well whatever.  I believe in prayer, the ability of believers to pray for each other for people to get well and that I stand on.  I am feeling better, but certainly not anything near 100%.

This is day 7 over the 21 day Daniel fast and surprisingly to me, I have not missed meat at all.  I did not know the selection of meatless foods that are available.

It's very nice outside - much different than the temps last week - the temp is 72 degrees outside but standing in the sun it's much warmer.  Pond temps have risen a good 12 degrees since last week, an encouraging sign as I don't necessarily think 40 plus degree temps in the water are all that good for them.  The dogs - will spending quality time back outdoors now that morning temps are back up in the bearable range.

Done.  Intend on going to bed very much early today.

After 25-1/2 hours, they finally came out to get me to bring the trailer into their facility, drop it at the rack and come back out to wait ...