Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A trip to the doctor yesterday resulted in not much of anything.  They claimed it is still viral and not bronchitis.  Offered me cough medicine with codeine.  All nice and fine, but I can't take that stuff during the week.  Even with a prescription, it simply isn't a risk I'm willing to take at work having had taken it the night before.  Certainly, I couldn't use it while working.  And anyways, I am running a humidifier at night which fairly well reduces and for periods of time eliminates the otherwise constant coughing.

So, grin and bear it.  As it stands, there is a prayer meeting tonight - which I won't be attending since it started 5 minutes ago and I am heading to my bedroom in a few minutes to crank up the humidifier and get my lungs feeling "good" again.

The doctor informed me to come back in 3 days if I am not getting better by then.  Hardly.  I'll wait up to a week - at least - before going back.  I have too much of a lifelong history of bronchitis, a condition I would like to completely avoid at this point in time, but if it happens, I will be asking the doc for a steroid injection.

More?  Sure, but I don't have time for it now.  I'm heading off to the bedroom.


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