Friday, January 25, 2013

A few sniffles left, a clearing of the throat here and there, an occasional coughing bout in the middle of the night, that's what's left of this coughing cold.  I now hear there is a stomach virus going around and please, Lord, keep me away from that one! I have had TWO already, I don't WANT a third!

It's raining.  A nice little sprinkling.  Okay, I prefer a heavy, hard raining/drizzling, but around these parts, I'll take what we get and be happy and content with it.  The rain forecast came out of the blue, since the forecasters hadn't said anything about rain until the night before it started. Lol, the life of a weather forecaster.  I think they have a bulls eye target and they throw arrows at the target.  Whatever word for weather it lands on, that's what the forecast is.

I found out yesterday that I am getting the Safe Driver Award.  That's 2 weeks worth of pay for - free.  I'll take it.  It will be nice to have a buffer once again for any problems that come up.

Prayer meeting tonight.  I came home from work incredibly tired.  I had no choice, literally, but to go to the bedroom and take a long nap.  I would have fallen asleep out here, at my desktop in the kitchen, had I not.  I was that tired.  Just not sleeping well since I got sick.  Well, I haven't really been sleeping well for 8 years, but that's another story.  It's been even worse since these 2 viruses I contracted, one ending and then another starting a week later.  Hopefully my sleep will return to me soon.  Regardless, I can sleep in tomorrow if need be.

Oh, the prayer meeting - well I'm definitely going.  I need  it.

My 4 version Bible came today.  I looked on Ebay to track it, it said it was going out for delivery today.  Yes, and it's RAINING out there. I ran outside to find the package had been chucked under a bush in the front yard.  Geeze.  Well I got it in time, the box was drenched but the bible was wrapped in plastic and the inside of the box was still dry enough that, coupled with the plastic, the Bible was intact without any water damage.  It has 4 version of the Bible on each page, side by side.  It is in fine print, the only real bad part about it - meaning having to use reading glasses to read it.  It is almost 3 inches thick!  So home use only, but I expected that anyway, I need to get another one to carry with me.

Well, time to take a read in the new Bible and then head off to church.



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