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The Giant Spool

It's still raining!  I mean, the ground is getting saturated and it's just wonderful outside!  My fishies in both ponds are all over it!

Unfortunately, I frequently run into construction workers and their bosses who have not much of a clue on how to load or unload trucks. Such was the case the other day in loading a giant spool.  A piece of pipe with a flange attached to the end or both ends.  In this case, 36 inch diameter pipe, one flange, cement lined, asphaltic coated steel type of pipe.  Around 4,000 pounds - conservative guess.  I can look it up on our system, but you get the point: very heavy.

So, he puts the spool down on the boards on the trailer, but what I couldn't see and didn't know was that he had the forks tilted forward.  Ideally, with an object that large that also rolls, you attempt to get your forks level and set it down gently.  If it begins rolling, then you simply tilt the forks in the opposite direction.

Well, the spool begins rolling - right at…