Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Giant Spool

It's still raining!  I mean, the ground is getting saturated and it's just wonderful outside!  My fishies in both ponds are all over it!

Unfortunately, I frequently run into construction workers and their bosses who have not much of a clue on how to load or unload trucks. Such was the case the other day in loading a giant spool.  A piece of pipe with a flange attached to the end or both ends.  In this case, 36 inch diameter pipe, one flange, cement lined, asphaltic coated steel type of pipe.  Around 4,000 pounds - conservative guess.  I can look it up on our system, but you get the point: very heavy.

So, he puts the spool down on the boards on the trailer, but what I couldn't see and didn't know was that he had the forks tilted forward.  Ideally, with an object that large that also rolls, you attempt to get your forks level and set it down gently.  If it begins rolling, then you simply tilt the forks in the opposite direction.

Well, the spool begins rolling - right at me.  I grabbed a hold of it in an attempt to stop the thing from rolling right off the side of the truck, which would have destroyed it (we're talking between 10 and 15 grand for this thing). I was pushing with all my might, my right hand was getting gouged by the sharp corner on the flange on the spool (didn't realize it at the time, adrenaline pumping type of thing) and I was preparing myself to jump out of the way of the thing.

But, I managed to get the momentum of the thing stopped and got the spool to stop rolling.  It was then that I realized he had the forks tilted forward and STILL had them tilted forward.  It took all that is within me to not start cussing the man out and give him an education on forklift operation at the same time.  Instead, I didn't say anything, he let the thing down off the forks and then there was no pressure.

Only then did I also realize that my right thumb had a deep gouge in it, bleeding and it appeared the meat inside the thumb had been smashed to the side of where the metal was pushing against it.

Although I was in no danger - well I was and wasn't - I was quite ready to jump off the side of that truck and out of harm's way - I don't think I will ever do anything like that again.  They can have THEIR people up on the truck and attempt to stop a giant, rolling object that is gaining momentum and hard to stop and see how they like it.  If it were me operating that forklift,  the situation would not have evolved into what it did.

As for today, I rented via pay-per-view on Direct TV the movie Taken 2 with Liam Neesom.  I read the "critic's" reviews.  The ones I read gave it such a low rating that I pretty much figured I would like the movie since I loved the first one and I wasn't wrong about that.  Yes, there are some very unrealistic scenes in the movie, I'll give the critics that much.  But what action movie doesn't?  Take those with a grain of salt.  Lots of interruptions, though, with people traipsing in and out of the kitchen - making a lot of noise and so, I am going to watch it again.  I have much of nothing to do today, one more weekend I have decided to take to try and get completely beyond this illness that had beset me.

And - after taking a long break from writing this entry, yet it is still raining outside.  Absolutely gorgeous weather.  I had windows and doors opened, but closed them because it was getting quite cool in here.

As for the fast, still on it.  Meatless Daniel fast.  I'm figuring that by the time sundown of 2 Sundays from now gets here, I will be ready for a fat, juicy steak and all the trimmings.  Or a delicious, thick burger.  In the meantime, praying and seeking the Lord.  The prayer meeting last night was very good.


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