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Final week of fasting.  Yesterday was certainly a test.  Lots of meat being served in my kitchen by various tenants who were attempting to entice me to "fudge".  No thanks, I made it this far, only 7 days left to go, I'm gonna make it through this.

But the giant meatloaf sitting there on my kitchen counter was not just a little bit tempting.

For the final part of the fast, I'll be spending some serious time in prayer attempting to hear/see what direction God wants my life to go.  I'm not really sure, to be honest.  At least many times, things you pray about and seeking answers for have various little confirmations sent your way if/when you finally believe you have heard the still, small voice of the Lord and want to start acting upon it.

I say "usually" because any time you try to cage God into a the box of "He always does it this way", well, then it most certainly will not happen that way.  He's God, after all and we're mere mortals. …