Monday, January 28, 2013

Final week of fasting.  Yesterday was certainly a test.  Lots of meat being served in my kitchen by various tenants who were attempting to entice me to "fudge".  No thanks, I made it this far, only 7 days left to go, I'm gonna make it through this.

But the giant meatloaf sitting there on my kitchen counter was not just a little bit tempting.

For the final part of the fast, I'll be spending some serious time in prayer attempting to hear/see what direction God wants my life to go.  I'm not really sure, to be honest.  At least many times, things you pray about and seeking answers for have various little confirmations sent your way if/when you finally believe you have heard the still, small voice of the Lord and want to start acting upon it.

I say "usually" because any time you try to cage God into a the box of "He always does it this way", well, then it most certainly will not happen that way.  He's God, after all and we're mere mortals.  His thoughts are far above ours.  He says the whole picture, we only "see through a glass, dimly", as the scripture so succinctly puts it.  No-one can see the entire picture, certainly no-one on this earth, besides God Himself.

So, a certain amount of trust and a lot of faith is necessary to simply, blindly, follow after God not necessarily knowing where the next step is going to lead you.  But that's the beauty of following after Christ. You don't know, He does!  He isn't going to lead you into death traps and situations that are mortally challenging - unless of course that is your eventual ending in life for His glory.  How can your death lead to Him receiving glory?, you ask.  This isn't really that hard of a question - there are many things that can happen through a person's death with others seeing it and God using it as an opportunity for more souls to be brought into His kingdom.

Not that I am seeking to die, lol.  Not at all.  At the same time, I just got through reading the news and you see all kinds of people in the news that have died sudden deaths, such as the hundreds of people that died in that far in that bar.  I can't even imagine the horror of that scene.  Well I can imagine it to some degree, I can't imagine burning to death in a fire - while being able to see an exit in front of you and not being able to access it.

If you are going to die, which we all must, then might as well see that eventual ending be used for the glory of God, is all I am saying.  But that's an entire story and entry in itself and I have to leave for work in a few minutes, so put that one on the shelf.

Speaking of work, it has rained for 3 days now.  Saturday it rained all day long without stopping.  This probably means that most if not all contractors will be shut down since most job sites will be too muddy to do much of anything on.

Which means work today?  Probably going to be the longest 8 hours I have spent at work in any recent times, considering there won't be much to do.



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