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33 days without any form of meat.
I can say that I eat far less food when eating meat versus not.
There is nothing else that fills you up like meat and keeps you feeling full and mind off of food.
That is, of course, my opinion.  But I tried all of it, everything I found at the big veggie stores that cater to vegans.  Some of it tasted delicious, some of it not so good.  But whether it was delicious or not, it was, in the end, only veggies or tofu or some such thing and the full feeling doesn't last very long.

I'm sure it's great for your health - eating only veggies and such and probably good for lowering cholesterol levels.  But I can't honestly say I "feel" any better than when eating meat on a daily basis (as some would suggest will happen).  Though this is definitely not the point or purpose of fasting, it is still something I had wondered about for a long time.

As for the purpose of the fast, certainly there have been benefits of a personal nature of w…