Monday, February 4, 2013

I was starting to get a bit antsy about it.
3 weeks and nothing.
I am speaking of rent coming from a certain individual.  I have 3 rooms of tenants.
Anyway, I figured if I didn't hear something or better yet, see some dinero by the end of today, well, time for notices.
Fortunately, the situation was resolved without having to say anything at all about it and that's that : )

Copied and pasted from my Facebook wall:
Driving the semi (48 foot flatbed trailer on International 8600 tractor) down the Santan/Loop 202 Freeway this afternoon, toodling along in the "slow" lane, had been in it for about 8 miles. A car comes zipping up, cuts directly in front of me - less than a car length of distance between my front bumper and his rear bumper - and hits the brakes. Truck was fully loaded, but light material, meaning not a heavy load and I was able to get slowed down. Immediately went into the middle lane to get past this - person - which took a few seconds to get back up to speed. JUST as I was about to overtake that car, he tried to cut me off again! But I had too much momentum, no slowing down this time, he started to enter my lane - with maybe 5 feet between us if he had actually come over - but apparently the idea of being mowed down by a semi was not palatable and got back over in his lane. Not that I want to mow people down, this individual was putting his life in his own hands. This was, probably anyway, a person wanting me to hit him in a rear end accident and then collect insurance money. I got well past this driver - but then that person got into the third lane, sped WAY up and then did the cut-off yet again. I was prepared for it this time and also was at my exit ramp. I simply got off the freeway. I figured if this person wanted to continue this BS, I would pull over to the side of the road and call the police. The lunacy of people playing with semi trucks in traffic, especially at high speeds. A crash between the 2 vehicles could easily result in that person's death or serious injuries. To risk your life for money is - absurd at best.
  Lol, why type it twice when it can be copied and pasted once.

That wasn't actually, the only thing that happened in traffic today with stupid drivers doing stupid things, but it was, by far, the most notable thing.

This morning was also - interesting. Pipe that was supposed to be picked up Friday - which I couldn't because I couldn't get to the manufacturer before they closed - was therefore picked up this morning.  I called the inside salesman that is on the account to ask him about the ticket.  He started going ballistic on me because I hadn't delivered the first load yet. I was not in the mood.  I can't say my response to him was Christian-like, not even remotely such.  I won't go into the details, but there were no pleasantries and I eventually hung up on him.

Then, I got to the jobsite to deliver the pipe.  It is some sort of city owned ranch for educational purposes about farming.  Whatever the case, I did not see a backhoe or trackhoe (excavator) and called the number on the delivery ticket to inquire where, exactly, they wanted the pipe to be dropped.

The man was a total jerkoff.  He stated that I was in the wrong place.  I was not in the wrong place.  He insisted I must be at the wrong place and when I attempted to confirm with him where he wanted the pipe dropped at this site - many places it could be taken off - he hung up on me.  The man's attitude was foul.  I called the inside salesman again who said he was sorry, he had "forgotten" to tell me that this guy was known to be an @$$ with everyone.  I could have cared less, I was not calling that guy back.  In fact, I didn't care if I never saw him, much less talked to him on the phone again.

I resolved that situation -without dragging on this story forever - and moved on.  It was on the way there that the above-mentioned story on the freeway occurred.

Interesting day, I guess.

I slept miserably last night, woke up probably a dozen times.  When I finally got home from work today, I decided to take short nap - 20 minutes or so.  I woke up an hour and 20 minutes later and had to force myself to get up, it was like it was the middle of the night I had fallen into such a deep sleep.  The only thing that woke me up was it was still daytime and I usually do not sleep very well in lighted conditions.

Ummm, well tomorrow is my birthday - will turn 49 - and my manager wants me to go out with him to a fancy pizza joint and get "ripped".  No thanks, but I'll have a couple of beers I guess.  I don't want to get ripped, number one and number 2, even if I did want to, I still have to drive home afterwards.



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