Tuesday, February 5, 2013

They arrested her and threw her in jail!
I got a letter from the City of Phoenix today telling me all about it and how the city is sorry that I have been the victim of a crime.  This is referencing Duke who was basically mauled by this woman's 3 pitbulls.
Look, I am just not that vindictive.  Dogs biting dogs.  If it was her 3 pitbulls mauling a human, I would  have a different view of it.  Her dogs are definitely gone - at the pound but I don't know if they are going to be put down or what, they are under quarantine.  I don't know what to say.   "Whosoever mocks the poor reproaches his Maker: and he that is glad at calamity shall not be unpunished."

I dunno.  

So I am making a delivery to a business.  The business is in a complex which is only accessible through a narrow driveway going into the area.  The are is a line of business down either side with a driveway going in a loop - or more like a rectangle once you get in there.  This is not a place for a semi.  Well it's too late, I am already in there.  I get out of the truck after talking to the man at the business and walk down to the end at the turn and then another turn to come back the other side. No way is that truck going to make it around that turn with all those vehicles and motorcycles parked there, not even close. 

The man starts informing me that a 53' trailer comes in there all the time with a long wheel base tractor. I'm looking at that turn and thinking this guy is on drugs.  He doesn't drive trucks, he has no clue what he is talking about.  I just said okay, but let's get the truck unloaded.  He continues to tell me how this big, long truck comes in there almost every day. I continue to let it go through one ear and out the other.  That turn is impossible with all the vehicles parked there, I wasn't even going to try it.  

At the end of this "discussion" and his continual bantering about how this "other" driver could make it through there, he finally admits that the truck comes in there early in the morning before anything is opened and all those vehicles aren't parked there.

Give me a break.  I was blocking a line of cars trying to get in.  When finally done, I pulled over to the side, waited until all of it cleared and then started backing out of there. Talk about a test of backing skill.  You would just have to see this place to appreciate it.  All the way out to the major surface street with LOTS of traffic on it. I waited and waited until there was enough of a break and cranked that baby right out there.  Traffic had to stop, yes, but what else was I supposed to do.  

Oh, and now my company is going to install satellite and will be able to track every truck in the fleet wherever it is.  A total and complete waste of money. The only purpose it will serve is to find out who is slacking off.  I don't really care if they see where I am at every minute of the day, I am busting @$$ so whatever.  But I do consider it micro-management at it's finest.  Someone looking over your should as often as they please to look on the computer and see.  This isn't just my manager, this is any manager in the company that has a hard-on to "catch" someone doing - what?  It will not alter anything for me.  I will still stop at the store and get my lunch.  That's the only "slacking" I do, which is not slacking at all anyway.  If I am driving all day long, I don't care what anyone thinks about me stopping at a store for 3 minutes to pick up a sandwich and a drink. 

I guess what I am not really fond of is micro-management.  I don't need or want someone watching over me every minute of the day.  I am self-motivated and I earn my money, thank you very much. I'll get used to it, had it some trucks when I was doing OTR stuff, but I can see the use for it there.  

Anyways, the GM (of my company of course) wrote a mass email today asking for anyone/everyone to send in any emails or whatever they might want to say to remember George by (the dude that was killed in the vehicle accident a week ago today).  Well, that was in my in-box when I came back from the road but also a personal one:  he was asking me if it would be okay to post my letter that I had written to him about the situation the day it happened.  It was a fairly personal letter to him, I know he really liked that particular worker and just wanted to send him something to offer some support.  

I re-read the letter and kinda hemmed and hawed on that one.  But it was obvious he wanted to put it in there, but at the same time he was trying to make it not-so-obvious.  I wrote back and said yes, if you feel it's appropriate, it was what was in my heart at the time and now still in my heart.  He wrote back and conveyed that the letter was very good, or however he put it and he thought George's wife would really like to see that.  

Cool.  George was a great guy.  A life taken to soon, I think.  He had a lot going on and a lot to look forward to.  We'll definitely all miss him.  I already miss him, lol, not seeing him downtown.  When he was there - which sometimes he was and sometimes he was out on the field - he would help me get everything together I needed to get on the truck and get out of there.  We would chat and talk about all kinds of things.  We weren't best friends, I'm not saying that, but we definitely got along and definitely talked about personal issues that had nothing to do with the company.  

Nice birthday. The college aged tenant made steak dinner and included me along in that equation.  That with fresh asparagus; mushroom and mashed potatoes - not made from boxed flakes.  I'm guessing 60 or 70 birthday wishes on my Facebook page.  My dad?  Got a card to me today, right on time : )  Nothing from my brothers, but not expected either.  An email with happy birthday would suffice - such as I do with them.  But, same-o, same-o.  Of course mom called besides already sending me 2 birthday cards!  

And an eviction notice.  The individual I was trying to help in the trailer has not been looking for a job.  I have heard 3 reports from 3 different people that he's screwing girls in there.  He has been avoiding me.  I pounded on the door 3 times today, no answer.  I just went in - but the "bedroom" draw-thingy was pulled close, I have no idea whether he was back there or not.  Whatever the case, I give people a chance in life.  If they do something with it, wonderful, if they do not, they can go mooch somewhere else.  

Umm, so that's it for now.  Much more, actually, but nothing I am going to go into now.  It's almost my bedtime : )

My birthday today!!! I'm 49 years old!! Whooopeeee! lol

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