Thursday, February 7, 2013

Money ain't everything, but it definitely is something.
So it goes in my head when I contemplate retirement and attempting to save enough money for such.
Beyond that, however, is where to retire and do I want to have a mortgage at the age of 65 or whatever.
Do I want tenants living in my house forever.
Do I want to stay at the property that I am currently living on.
The answer to all 3 questions is a definitive: NO.

Properties in the area where I would like to retire are running 150k to 200k.

Zestimate - whether accurate or not I am not sure - has come up 36k in the last 4 months on my current property.  Another 35k and that's what I owe on it.  To go any more than that would be surprising, but certainly not unwanted.

Go live in a cheap dump somwhere for 5 to 10 years, save up all the extra money and build a house or cabin.

I don't really know how else to get there.

Better yet, just save up for one of those huge RV trailers with all the slide outs and then live in that for however long, saving as much money as possible.

Or, my original plan, to build a casita on the side of this house and have another rental unit.

Could just find a woman that has a great income, get married and then we can save a LOT of money quickly living together, lol.

Hmmm, the last one certainly sounds tempting if nothing else.

Actually, I really need to consider raising the rent on the tenants I have in here now.  Not being greedy, but my rates are around $75 to $100 per month less than "current market value", which is going up and up and up as renting is becoming the standard for people who have lost homes and have no choice but to rent - or live under a bridge.  Ohhhh, that I could just find somewhere where I could live realllly cheap without it being a total dump.  Of course, I have been known to fix up dumps to make them nice places to live.

Whatever.  Lots of thoughts swirling around in my mind, no conclusions on what to do.  

With that, it's off to work!



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