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Money ain't everything, but it definitely is something.
So it goes in my head when I contemplate retirement and attempting to save enough money for such.
Beyond that, however, is where to retire and do I want to have a mortgage at the age of 65 or whatever.
Do I want tenants living in my house forever.
Do I want to stay at the property that I am currently living on.
The answer to all 3 questions is a definitive: NO.

Properties in the area where I would like to retire are running 150k to 200k.

Zestimate - whether accurate or not I am not sure - has come up 36k in the last 4 months on my current property.  Another 35k and that's what I owe on it.  To go any more than that would be surprising, but certainly not unwanted.

Go live in a cheap dump somwhere for 5 to 10 years, save up all the extra money and build a house or cabin.

I don't really know how else to get there.

Better yet, just save up for one of those huge RV trailers with all the slide outs and then live in that f…