Tuesday, February 12, 2013

So, I am going to try for again to take a trip up to the property.  It's cold up there.  Lows will be in the 20's or in the teens this coming weekend.  I'm going to see about a set of thermals, I already have a very nice winter coat that I have "tested" in extremely cold conditions.  The trailer has an electric heat and a propane driven wall heater that blasts heat.  It also has heat coming out of the roof AC unit.  The central heat is not working.  But, I have ample experience with central heat in trailers: they consume a LOT of propane gas, too much.  Mix electric heat with the propane unit and that should be good.

That is, of course, if I can even get up there! Things keep happening to stop any intended trip. And yes, snow is also problematic.  It has snowed up there already but I don't know how much on the ground.  Whatever the case, if I do go, I intend on leaving on Friday afternoon as early as I can get off of work and hope to get up there before nightfall.  Preferably, well before nightfall.

That's the plan, who knows what will happen and only, as always if: the Lord is willing.

Well, other things I am engrossed with in thought and goal making and such, but no time here, time to go to bed.

An actual full day off. Moving time for everyone is coming up soon, I decided to get all of this utility and perks stuff over and done with...