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So, I'm deilvering to a jobsite that is right off the freeway (I-10 at Warner Road).
I was quite fortunate, frankly, that I was in the pickup truck and not the semi.  Why?  Cause' the Feds had a commercial vehicle inspection station set up replete with portable scales.  they were not diverting the entire freeway off, they were just catching whoever mighthappen to get off there.  And boy, were there a lot o officelatoinrs standing around waiting for something to do.

I've stated this a thousand times, say it again: they can an will find something wrong with your truck.  I don't care if it's brand new, they will find something wrong with it.  And now under the newest regulations, a warning counts against a company that same as a ticket.

Oops, did I say the latest regulations?  Nix that statement, cause' they are now coming out with even MORE restrictions on commercial drivers.  They wonder why the trucking industry is experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers…
I watched about 30, 35 minutes of Obama last night and that was all I could stomach.  The man just plain doesn't get it.  It's his way or no way at all and then blame the GOP.

Assuming the ex-LAPD cop is dead.  He went out, presumably, the way he figured he was going to go out, so that only leaves one question for me: who is going to pay for that burned-out cabin?  Pathetic statement? Perhaps.  But if I had a cabin up in the mountains and that kind of thing happened in it, I wouldn't exactly be happy about it.  There is insurance, I hope, on the thing if nothing else.

The point? The man is dead.  Well, I guess they haven't identified the body yet - might take a while to do that if it's burned up to a crisp - the state will not have to incur the expense of a trial and a lengthy prison stay while all the appeals processes are going through for 15 or 20 years while the man waits for a death sentence to be carried out.  I'm sort of wondering if there wasn't so…