Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hitting the road in about an hour or so for the high country.
Will only spend one night up there since - it's already Saturday.
Temps not expected to be too bad, nothing worse than it was down here about a month ago when that hard freeze hit us and extremely low temps.

But, I am kind of anxious to find out if anything is missing.
More to the point, my extension cord that goes from the trailer to the power pedestal.
I had taken thought of thieves last time I was up there, but I didn't really think about my power cord potentially being stolen - and would end my trip.  I would have to turn around and leave.

If I find no-one up on the property - I actually would like to catch the person/s stealing the electricity and get them taken care of - I will be examining the neighbor's property as well and also for any signs of vandalism or potentially where these people are getting on to the property.

The roads are interesting looking.  There is a live camera set up on the road up there that takes a new shot every so often.  It shows wet roads with snow on either side, but the roadway itself cleared of snow.  I can deal with that, it's snowed out roads that my car isn't going to navigate very well, I don't think.  I remember going up there when I was a teenager and had a Subaru Brat.  I had gone camping up on the Rim. The day I left, well, it had snowed heavily and there was a foot of snow on the highway.  Put that car in 4-wheel drive and had fun plowing through  it.  That little car was amazingly good at plowing through snow as deep at several feet.  Driving by a stranded car on that occasion, they pulled out behind me and attempted to follow in the tracks I was leaving.

Changing the subject, the passenger on the ship that is suing probably could best spend their money elsewhere besides a high-cost lawyer.  I am guessing that you have to sign a contract or the tickets themselves come printed with disclaimers about ships breaking down and that's the risk you take and if the ship does break down, oh well, get over it.  I thought it funny that these people were complaining about lack of food and how "rough" it was.  Yes, the smell of raw sewage would be hard to take, which is why I would be out in the fresh, open air, not inside the ship.  But food?  I have gone 11 days without eating anything.

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