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I don't think that I have made better time on the drive back from the mountains than today.  Traffic was very light on the highway and going through town.

Regardless, when I arrived up there yesterday - ummm - I think before noon - it was a pleasant surprise to find everything just as I had left it, sans the Direct TV dish had fallen over.  The ground was wet and the giant nails I had used to hold the pedestal in place had simply given way to the moisture and the whole thing had come cascading down.

There were no signs of any mice having had made it into my trailer and the trailer was clean and smelled good.  There was snow patches all over the place.  The normally dry creek was running heavily with snow run-off.  That creek used to flow year round, but the combination of a lack of rain and a rancher up the way that diverts the creek onto his property - caused it to become bone dry during the summer.  There have, apparently, been lawsuits over the rancher's actions.

It would…