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6 lane street.  Goes through Mesa and Chandler.  Turns back into 2 lane highway on either end, going into Indian Reservation on either end.  Highway 87, otherwise known as Country Club Drive in Mesa or Arizona Avenue in Chandler.
Northbound, center lane.  Nothing in front of me, car to the right of me. A van comes flying up to the car to the right of me, what's he going to do, smash into that car?  No, the fleeting thought came to me, he's going to cut you off.
I look to my left, see the lane is clear just in time to have this jackass, who had to slow down considerably to avoid rear-ending the car in front of him, cuts directly in front of me.  If there was 5 feet between he rear bumper and my front bumper, that would be over-exaggerating the distance.  He is going 10 miles an hour slower than I am as well since he had to slam on his brakes to avoid contact with car in front of him, so now, I am forced to jack the truck over into the other lane.

This guy has the audacity to c…