Thursday, February 21, 2013

Driving down the Superstition 60 on the way home from work today (so in my personal vehicle).  Coming up to an on ramp with vehicles getting on the freeway, so I get over into the next lane to let them get on.  I'm going significantly faster than they are, at least 20 MPH worth, they aren't up to speed yet.

So, when I get up to this on ramp, but 2 lanes over, a driver gets into the "slow" lane, indicator light on.  He gets in that lane, indicator light still on.  I'm almost up on this vehicle when he decides to come over into my lane.  He sees me and quickly jacks it back into his own lane.  This is another blooming idiot that 1: doesn't appreciate the fact that I moved over to let him and other vehicles on and 2: believes by virtue of the fact that you have your indicator light on, you are therefore given right and license to cut prevailing traffic that is legally occupying a lane off, regardless of what may happen.

Passing by this freak?  He honks his horn at me!  LOL!!!  What else to do but laugh.  There was no good reason for him to "have" to get into the lane I was in but he thought he had the right of way.

Whatever.  I have half a mind to go up north again this weekend, but only if I can leave tomorrow afternoon. I don't just want a single overnighter, gotta be 2 nights.  Just a lot of fuel and like to make it worth the trip up there with a bit longer stay than what occurred last weekend. Though, it had been so long since I had been up there last weekend, even a one night stay was nice and relieving to find that nothing had been tampered with up there.

It would actually be cool to put the other trailer up there as well and then be able to invite people up for weekends.  Lol, dreaming.  My mother's property not mine and pretty much guaranteed she wouldn't go for that - at all.

Well I have other things, but I think I'll post that on the other place.


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