Saturday, February 23, 2013

Little Hummingbirds

Every year, she builds a rather intricate, detailed and almost perfect looking next.  Every year, she lays 2, tiny eggs in the nest. Every year, both eggs hatch and there are 2 little Hummingbirds in there and yes, every year, one of them dies and the other survives.

There is nothing I can do for the little one that doesn't survive.  It's the way of nature.  I don't know if momma just doesn't feed one of them or how that happens, but it does.

And so it is.
There are 2 tiny, and I do mean tiny, birds in that nest and they are both alive.  But I suspect in short order one of them will perish.  The nest is so small, as in other years, that it isn't large enough for 2 of them.  This year, I intend on taking a number of short videos and posting them to show the progress - or death of one if that's what happens.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed the price of gas basically sky rocketing?  I mean, jumping in price on a weekly basis to the point that it is almost a buck more expensive than it was, say something like 2 months ago.  Freaking ridiculous.  I mean, wow!  Their pathetic excuses as to why they can just raise the prices - they have a long list of them as most readers know - just go to further flame the consuming public.

On a completely different note, I was toying with one of the estimators downtown about his hunting activities (searching on the net) while he's supposed to be working.  We sort of have a 2-way thing going where he tells me I don't do any work and that he gets twice as much work done in an hour than I do in an entire day while I badger him about Googling on the internet and doing his hunting activities instead of getting anything done.

It is all done in good humor, we aren't getting angry or upset with each other, in fact, it usually ends with quite a lot of laughter.

But he is a hunter and I have always wanted to learn how to hunt.  I am not about to just go out in the woods and start shooting at everything that moves in a pathetic and probably dangerous attempt to teach myself.  If I were starving, the economy was screwed and there was no food available, different story altogether.  So, in completely serious tones after we were done messing with each other, I simply stated to him that he is going to have to take me along on one of his hunting trips and teach me how to hunt.

I don't know anyone that hunts, that's all there is to it.  No-one in church hunts, none of my friends are hunters, they're not even out doors type of people.  Camping is out of the question for many people I know, some of them do it because they have kids but that's the only reason they go.  I am ready to try some new things in life and I have always wanted to learn how to hunt since I was a young kid - and my parents were gun haters though they definitely loved the outdoors and camping (so I at least got half of the picture).  Well, my mother still is very much in love with the mountains and now she owns several guns but not for hunting purposes (and if I were her age and living alone, I would definitely own an assortment of handguns and at least one shotgun, maybe a 20 caliber for home/self defense purposes).

He looks at me after I say that to him and asks: "You really don't know anyone that hunts?"  Nope, I replied, not a single person.  Most of my friends and acquaintances don't even own guns, much less being avid hunters.  We didn't go much further with the conversation as he had to get back to work and so did I, but I did plant the seed.  He goes hunting throughout the year for whatever is available.  Elk, deer, bear, whatever.  He doesn't just stay in AZ, either, he travels to New Mexico and other bordering states, wherever the hunting is and whoever is able to win the lottery for whatever is being allowed in whichever season.

I missed the first draw for big game, it was due by Tuesday of last week.  There are, however, 2 more draws for Elk and other big game and I intend on attempting to win.  AZ has a process that gives returning applicants more favor over new ones.  A lot of people apply so winning is definitely not guaranteed.

Anyway, I blew off my plans to go up to the mountains this weekend as I figured to ask for a day off in the near future and spend a couple of days up there.  It's a bit easier to spend 2 or even 3 nights when you have an extra day off.

I have plenty of stuff that needs to get done around the house both inside and out and that's what I am doing with this weekend.


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