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Little Hummingbirds

Every year, she builds a rather intricate, detailed and almost perfect looking next.  Every year, she lays 2, tiny eggs in the nest. Every year, both eggs hatch and there are 2 little Hummingbirds in there and yes, every year, one of them dies and the other survives.

There is nothing I can do for the little one that doesn't survive.  It's the way of nature.  I don't know if momma just doesn't feed one of them or how that happens, but it does.

And so it is.
There are 2 tiny, and I do mean tiny, birds in that nest and they are both alive.  But I suspect in short order one of them will perish.  The nest is so small, as in other years, that it isn't large enough for 2 of them.  This year, I intend on taking a number of short videos and posting them to show the progress - or death of one if that's what happens.

Meanwhile, has anyone noticed the price of gas basically sky rocketing?  I mean, jumping in price on a weekly basis to the point that it is almost a buck m…