Monday, February 25, 2013

I arrived home from work at around 5:30 PM.
Walking through the door a scene greeted me: the young tenant, his friend and Lynnette sitting at the kitchen table, laughing it up about whatever.

When I finally got everything done and sat down at the table to engage myself in whatever was going on, well, at first it was quite entertaining.  2 college dudes - one of them fairly smart and the other a blooming idiot - going at it with each other about Obama's policies and this, that and the other thing.

I was dragged into this discussion.

I did so with a good heart.  Let's talk about this.  Let's put our opinions, perspectives and the facts that we think we know on the table an compare notes.  I don't go into political discussions with the intent of it getting heated up and almost always, if it does get heated, I turn it off.  It is, to me, a senseless waste of time to argue with  a person in a heated fashion that will accomplish nothing for either party.

But I will get into a political discussion with someone of opposing viewpoints, as long as it remains civil.  Well, these 2 were going at it, I was interjecting here and there but then?  Another tenant came out. George, who is in his 50's.  He wanted to find out what I was laughing about - at that point I was finding it humorous to see these guys bantering back and forth.

But then, the young tenant's friend wanted to engage me personally. Okay. I listened to him and then would try to speak, only to have this guy interrupt me before I could even get a complete sentence out.  He didn't want to hear anything I had to say to the point of being extremely rude.  EXTREMELY RUDE.

I put up with this for a while, though I didn't want to, but after he said something that crossed my line and then interrupted me again when I attempted to calmly give him my view of it?  Enough was enough.

I ended the conversation and told the man flat to his face that he was rude, condescending, arrogant and self-aggrandizing.  That I had listened to EVERYTHING he had to say, but that EVERY single time I tried to say anything, he had cut me off and interrupted me.  It was the end of it for me.  The younger tenant went ape.  In a good way.  I apparently told this man what he had wanted to say to him for a long time.  I don't know.  I can't and won't take an argumentative person that won't listen to anything the other side of the argument has to say.

Well that's over and so is this night for  me.  I have more I would like to delve into, but I am tired and am going to go to sleep.



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