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Today, I decided that I was going to have to go down to the police station, get the police report and then go file a civil suit in the Justice court.
I was planning on doing that tomorrow after work providing I could get off work early enough and get down there in time to get all of that done, cause' honey, I want to do ALL of it and get it over with, not just get the police report and then have to go down there again to file the complaint.

They are 2 separate buildings a few streets apart, but it's the time factor in trying to do all of that that is the consideration here, not the distance from my work to get there or the distance those 2 buildings are apart (though helpful that they aren't too terribly far from each other so no long driving time).

Anyway, thinking about that today while attempting to navigate around Phoenix - this the second straight day of a serious semi accident on I-10 that shut down the freeway and caused traffic mayhem all over the place and subsequ…