Sunday, March 3, 2013

It's always helpful to grab the right keyboard to start writing - just sayin' - I grabbed the keyboard for the other computer before finally realizing that - uhhh - wrong one.

Anyway, church is starting - right now actually - but my son has my car.  I wrote to the pastor and one of the leaders earlier this morning in case they might figure a ride for me over there, but the pastor simply wrote back and said "we'll miss you".  I was wanting to go this morning, I guess I'll have to have my own service at home!

I finally found the muster yesterday to start pulling the weeds up from the recent rains.  Some of them had grown HUGE in a very short period of time.  Even though many of my neighbors are pigs and hoarders, I don't want to stoop to that level in not maintaining my property.  The idea of pulling weeds isn't very much fun, hence the non-fun-factor in not starting before yesterday and since I am not going to church, going to go out there in a few minutes and resume that activity.  I am, however, still waiting until spring to do much of the pruning on the trees and plants that were frost damaged.

The Sissoo trees, however, have already started putting out fresh buds so I am going to water them like crazy and maybe even do some fertilization.  Plenty to do out there!

Discipleship training at church starts this week.  I am slated for Tuesday.  I have gone through extensive discipleship training in the past, most notably being a missionary and being full flung immersed into it without any real knowledge or experience of what I was doing, but a good refresher course isn't unwarranted.  The only problem I have with such on a Tuesday is that it probably will go on later than I can really handle being out on a work night.  I will have to go to one or two of the meetings and determine for myself whether I will be able to make it on an on-going basis.

As for the sequester, the Democratic party and their continual finger-pointing at the GOP can go blow.  Lies and exaggerations, extreme exaggerations at that.  What about holding Obama and his ilk accountable for the doomsday scenario that - as I figured it would end up being - is not going to happen in any such fashion?  He even went so far as to state that the janitors that clean up the Capitol building would have their hours cut.  The superintendent of that building issued a memo to his workers that no such thing was going to happen! Or all the statements that firefighters and police were going to immediately lose their jobs.

Outrageous.  But you don't see the ilk of MSNBC making anything out of that.  If it were the GOP that had made such ludicrous, outrageous and completely false statements, the lambasting would have gone on for at least WEEKS.  Hypocrisy at it's finest.  Obama has done nothing but completely divide this nation, contrary to his stated "desire" to the opposite.  He talks about the GOP as if it is only a handful of people and that it is completely at fault for everything that happens that goes against Obama's goals - one of which is to continue to raise taxes.  You know, take from the rich and give to the poor? The statement that a fellow college student made last week was revealing as well.  He stated that Obama had stated to him back in the day that he did not feel that ANY private citizens should be allowed to own guns.

I realize Obama doesn't have to face another election so, obviously, no holds barred, but this is turning into a circus act and not a very good one.

I'm an anxiously awaiting the return of my son, though I doubt he'll be back until later on today.  I'm just concerned. He's never taken a road trip like on his own - well he has 2 of his friends with him, but that doesn't really count.  I mean, without someone with a bit more experience at least observing what he's doing out on the highway and offering some pointers if need be.  Though, I did notice the last road trip we went on together he was intently watching my driving habits. The only thing that I can say that wasn't good for him to be watching in that trip was that I was speeding, and I might add excessively.  I wanted the road portion of that trip to be over and I made it home in far less time than it should have taken.

I'm really not much for driving anymore, at least not in these parts.  I have seen enough desert to last several lifetimes and much of the driving in this area is in a completely distracted manner.  Cellphones and other gadgets take priority over paying attention to the road and the aftermath shows every day.  Horrible and completely avoidable accidents.  If I were living up in the mountains and had a 4 wheeler, I would undoubtedly be driving back trails through the woods and finding spots to stop, get out and go hiking.  Top that with the fact that price of gasoline has skyrocketed in the last few months, unbelievable.  Who wants to drive with that kind of price tag attached to it?

Well whatever.  Time to get busy.


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