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It's always helpful to grab the right keyboard to start writing - just sayin' - I grabbed the keyboard for the other computer before finally realizing that - uhhh - wrong one.

Anyway, church is starting - right now actually - but my son has my car.  I wrote to the pastor and one of the leaders earlier this morning in case they might figure a ride for me over there, but the pastor simply wrote back and said "we'll miss you".  I was wanting to go this morning, I guess I'll have to have my own service at home!

I finally found the muster yesterday to start pulling the weeds up from the recent rains.  Some of them had grown HUGE in a very short period of time.  Even though many of my neighbors are pigs and hoarders, I don't want to stoop to that level in not maintaining my property.  The idea of pulling weeds isn't very much fun, hence the non-fun-factor in not starting before yesterday and since I am not going to church, going to go out there in a few min…