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Saturday Night Live's Mockery of Christ Backfires

In a Fox news article, there is a story of how SNL (Saturday Night Live) airs a skit called DJesus which shows "Jesus rising from the dead, pushing aside the boulder that blocked his burial tomb. With a devious smile, he utters the words, “Guess who’s back.” What follows is a vengeful killing spree against the Nazarene’s enemies, including his Roman executioners and the traitor, Judas Iscariot."

  I don't care what anyone says, this kind of mockery crosses the line.  Outrageous doesn't being to adequately describe my feelings for SNL, which I stopped watching long because of their appetite to mock Christianity yet let all other religions, for some strange reason, have a complete and total pass.  
This week and next chance I get, I am going to go buy something at Sears and I am going to tell them I specifically came in to support their company for the stand they are making against the show by pulling their advertising dollars.  Allegedly, JC Penny is also following su…