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The Neighbor's Dog

Once again, I am confronted by the neighbor's incessant barking dog.
After a several year "war" about this situation, they got rid of the dogs - big ones with loud voices.
I had quite a long reprieve of not having to listen to these people's dogs barking all day and all night long.
Recently, they got a much smaller dog.  I haven't seen it, but I can tell because it has a yip yip voice and it barks, incessantly, ALL night long.  At a time of year when I can have the windows opened and have cool (though not necessarily fresh) air coming in, I have to have them closed to keep the noise out.

The logical answer to this problem is simple: Get rid of the dog.  They do not ever let it in the house.  They don't give it hardly any attention at all.  It is chained up, outside.  It is lonely, it wants attention and it will get that attention however it can.  This is how these people treat their dogs and though there is nothing illegal about it, the dog barking all night …