Friday, March 8, 2013

No clue.
I went through the entire day today thinking it was Wednesday.
It wasn't until I got home from work and someone said tomorrow is Friday that the "news" came to me.

Neighbor's dog.  Same story, different dog.  Driving me crazy.  They don't care.  I don't get how they can stand listening to that dog all night long.  They live in an old mobile home, single-wide.  I have seen the insulation in those homes - maybe a couple of inches thick.  Sound travels right through the old windows.


That was yesterday.  This morning, I was awakened to a loud crashing noise.  Like around 3 am.  No clue and too out of it to get up, figured a tenant was doing something and I would address it later on this afternoon.  30 minutes later another loud crashing/boom noise.  Went back to sleep and then at 4:30 am, a LOT of those noises.  Finally figured it out, lol.  Thunder.  Pouring rain this morning.  One of those days I'd like to stay home, open the windows and listen to the sound of the rain beating upon the roof and pouring off the side of the house and onto the ground below.

Which usually doesn't bode well for work. I don't know how much rain or how long it's been raining or how long it's going to rain.  If it's a good soaker, most job sites will shut down and that will make for a long, boring day at work.

A few things happening today on the home front.  The dude in the trailer? He comes in after midnight and leaves after I leave for work.  He has been avoiding me for 2 weeks now.  Today is his final day to either come up with money or get out.  If he's not even going to talk to me, he can go blow.  I haven't seen him literally for at least 2 weeks.  Avoiding the issue doesn't make it go away.  If he were to talk to me, I might have some leniency, but he's been BS'ing me anyway, so, he can just leave the property.  On that note, after he leaves today, Mark is going to lock the trailer and that will leave the man no option but to talk to me if he wants his stuff out of there.

The college tenant is also in arrears and has been avoiding the subject.  Today will be the last time the subject is avoided.  If he doesn't cough up money, he will also be getting an eviction notice.  If he does give me money, we are going to have a discussion.  The subject will the fact that he has lost hours at work and hasn't bothered to let me know about it, telling other tenants instead.  Is that any of my business? YES, when  it causes him to get behind in the rent payments, definitely it does.  He should have let me known that and then we might discuss how he is going to get caught up.

BUT, he has hardly any expenses.  No payments that I know of, he owns his pickup outright and he hasn't been driving it - so I wonder if he has insurance on it.  He has a buddy that's been hanging around quite a bit that has his own car and that's how he has been getting to school. But even without a car, his school is only 2 miles away and he has both roller blades and a bicycle.  He probably gets food stamps, guessing considering the amount of food he is buying.  He also smokes pot.

I have mixed feelings on pot smoking at this point.  I used to inhale quite regularly as a teenager.  I quit because I gave my life to the Lord and also because of respiratory problems that have plagued me my entire life.  I have zero desire to start smoking it again, I have never had the urge since I quit 30 years ago.  But, it's popularity has gone through  the roof, nationwide, and not just with young people.  It makes you quite high, I know that for a fact and allegedly, the quality of it is far superior to the stuff we were smoking as teenagers.

Smoke pot if you must, but I don't want to be around it.  However, that stuff probably isn't cheap or even if it is low-priced, if you are doing it daily, that's going to add up.  My point?  People get their priorities so completely messed up in life.  The payment to the roof over their heads usually is the first thing to go when financial hardship hits.  Other things such as cell phone payments and - recreational crap - usually take precedence.  I have no sympathy.

Anyway, a conversation will be taking place either way about it. Probably tomorrow if I don't get any money, today if he hands me money.

As for work?  The new truck routing system is just - stupid.  The new device isn't working because the software that operates it is full of glitches.  I don't know how DesCartes, the company that sold our company all of  this junk, can stay in business with this kind of nonsense going on.  I am sure they will eventually work out the bugs, but until then, I am glad not to have to use the blooming thing.

And speaking of work...............time to go!



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