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There be HUMMINGBIRDS, Captain!  Star Trek, Engineer Scott on a Klingon ship that has traveled back in time to acquire 2 Humpback Whales to save the Earth from a giant probe in orbit that is wreaking havoc upon the earth.

Of course, I changed it from whales to hummingbirds.

There are still 2 of them in that little nest!
And they have outgrown that nest!
The only good thing about the situation is that it is pretty cool out there, those 2 bodies smashed against each other should be helping to keep them warm.
I'll take a video of them today or tomorrow.

College tenant just came and handed me $100.
That was definitely not what I expected.
I expected at least $300, considering how far behind he's gotten.
His "plan" is go give me $100 per week until caught up.

That will take a while.

I intend on keeping after him about it.

He might be able to find cheaper rent somewhere else - but - he won't get internet for free and he will have to pay a percentage of the monthly electric bill. That's what most if not all of the cheaper rent rates are doing.  It sounds like a good deal until you add up the extra expenses and then - you have a total bill that exceeds what I am charging and is usually not as large of a room.  Many of the rooms I see posted on Craigslist at cheap rates are 10x10 or 10x9, the room he is in is 11x13.

And then you see the following, as copied and pasted from various ads:
No overnight guests preferably, no drugs, confidentiality.

 Rent is $375.00 a month plus 1/4 of utilities. Utilities include electric…

Rainy Friday

So it rained all day long.  I was all over the place in the semi, too - Phoenix; Casa Grande; Coolidge; various other places. I-10 northbound (I-10 runs north and south through an at least 120 mile stretch through Arizona) which officially would be westbound was a parking lot for miles and miles and miles.  I was headed southbound looking at this stuff on my way to Casa Grande thinking: "Gee, I don't think I'll be coming back this way".  What a miserable thing it is to get stuck on a highway like that with no place to exit for miles and no end in sight to the crawling pace.

Today was the first day for Big Brother to be watching me via the new "phone".  This is no ordinary phone, smart phones have nothing on this thing that costs almost 2 grand per unit.  It has EVERYTHING  on it.  Including GPS and the ability for managers in the company - any manager - to access the web-based software and see where I am; how fast I am going; what direction; even if I am dr…