Thursday, March 14, 2013

350 Man

A couple of days ago, I came home from work only to be informed by Mark that I had left the east gate open the night before and the dogs got out the next morning.

I flatly denied that possibility, even though I am the only one that uses that gate.  I make quite sure that gate is closed when going through it every single time.  Mark was all shaking his head and saying no, you must have done it.

No, I did not.

Fast forward to last night.  4 loud bangs on my door at around 10:30 pm.  Woke me right up out of a nice dream. Whatever it was, I was never to return to it, that's for sure.  Went out and heard a conversation going on between Lynnette and someone else about 350 man and then informed me Mark was outside, the person that had banged on my door.  JD was also out there.

Turns out that 350 man had entered my back yard through the west gate.  WHAT he was doing there, I have no idea, Mark had gone out to find out who was there and apparently 350 man had walked around the other side of the house, through the east gate, through my front yard and then was finally seen by Mark walking back to his house.

Mark started arguing with Lynnette about him actually having had been in the back yard, he must have only been out front.  No, she stated because she heard someone walking along the side of the house where the east gate is.  Pretty easy to hear, makes a crunching sound walking on the decorative landscaping rock and their window is right there.  Since their window was opened, she heard him walking through there.

I admittedly became enraged and marched down to this freak's house. His blinds were drawn on the sides of the house, but you could see right through the front window.  I did not, however, go on his property.  But I did yell loud enough to get the attention - of the entire neighborhood I am guessing.  The "man" did not come out of his house.  This is the answer to the gate dilemma.  What befuddles me is that fact that this guy is walking into my back yard with seeming impunity.

He knows I am armed and since he has threatened to have me killed in the past and since this guy is so big, I would have no other choice but to shoot him if he decided to go after me in my own back yard.  Further the complication that I have already had a restraining order against him. What is this guy doing back there and  does he not even have a tinge of fear of the homeowner, me, who already does not like him?

   I didn't call the police.  They aren't going to do anything, as I have found before when I have called them concerning this man's lunacy.  If you want to protect yourself and your property, you are pretty much charged with the "do-it-yourself" method.  If that guy thinks he's going to come into my house.  Well, no point in going there with this.  Of course, if I catch the man in my backyard, the police will have no choice but to do something about it as I will hold him there until police arrive.

As for my vacation days, completely changing the subject, I found out that I am not getting today and tomorrow off, instead it will be next week.  I was, frankly, looking forward to this weekend being the 4 day weekend that I had asked for.  The problem is I asked for this time off and didn't know I didn't have it off until a few days ago.  Everything I had heard told me that I would have Thursday and Friday off this week.

Whatever.  Blind date tonight.  Not really a date, more like a sit down at my kitchen table and eat dinner with this lady and my tenant and his girlfriend.  Sort of a date I guess - but not going out anywhere.  I have no expectations and if I don't like what I see or if she doesn't like what she sees, oh well, no biggies.  In fact, I haven't really been looking except for Christian Mingle site online.

More, yes, but no time to go into things now.  Have to leave for work in a few minutes.

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