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350 Man

A couple of days ago, I came home from work only to be informed by Mark that I had left the east gate open the night before and the dogs got out the next morning.

I flatly denied that possibility, even though I am the only one that uses that gate.  I make quite sure that gate is closed when going through it every single time.  Mark was all shaking his head and saying no, you must have done it.

No, I did not.

Fast forward to last night.  4 loud bangs on my door at around 10:30 pm.  Woke me right up out of a nice dream. Whatever it was, I was never to return to it, that's for sure.  Went out and heard a conversation going on between Lynnette and someone else about 350 man and then informed me Mark was outside, the person that had banged on my door.  JD was also out there.

Turns out that 350 man had entered my back yard through the west gate.  WHAT he was doing there, I have no idea, Mark had gone out to find out who was there and apparently 350 man had walked around the other side …