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Well, amazingly enough, this lady that came over with my tenant and his girlfriend last night?  Used to go to a church called Gospel Echoes and knew about a church I used to go to.  It was an interesting visit and if nothing else, everyone loved my slow-cooked pork ribs : )

However, during all of this last night, I had "opportunity" to see 350 man standing out in front of his house, gabbing with his lady neighbor on the west side of him.  The man has "power of persuasion" and has people in this neighborhood fooled into thinking what wonderful person he is.  I could really care less, to be honest, what other neighbors think of him or me, but I am not going to tolerate this guy just walking into my backyard for whatever reason.

So I went down there, stood on the sidewalk right in front of his house and let him know how I felt about him entering my property.  He denied it, threatened to kick my @$$, and I invited him to do so.  He was trying to lure me onto his prope…