Monday, March 18, 2013


I just found out today on visiting her Facebook page that she was involved in an airplane crash.  Her last entry was how excited she was to go back to CA to see her folks.  Someone posted a short news blip of the crash - it shows the plane.  How anyone survived through that I don't know, the nose end of the thing is totally trashed.

Dorrie is such a sweet, energetic, personable, caring and loving person, the things that happen to good people in life just are confounding sometimes.  She just entered retirement, what, a few years ago at most?

Dear Father God in Heaven: I life Dorrie up to you.  You know her intimately.  You know the condition her body is in right now.  You are the giver of life and you are the Creator.  You are the Healer and you are able to fix those things that happen to your creation.  I pray your healing hand washes over her brain and all those things that have been damaged in that accident.  I ask that you restore her fully back to the life she knew before this accident.

Your will be done.

Thank you Lord, in Jesus name.



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