Saturday, March 23, 2013

I wrote all of this up at the trailer in the mountains, so posting regardless if the next day:

Well, here I am up in the mountains again.  Took care of a problem with being able to winterize the unit - it has tubes hanging down below the trailer and you simply remove the end caps on the tubes to let the water drain out.  The problem? Those caps must not have been off of there for a long time and 2 of them busted off the lines without much effort in trying to remove them.  I had to replace them  - but I put valves on them instead of replacing them with end caps.

I was then going to fix the deadbolt on the shed door on my mom's property, but after looking at it, it's simply the striker plate.  It is too small to adjust it to a new position, so I will be bringing up a new one next time I am up here.  She is very concerned about it because she won't be able to lock the door - I had to lift up on the door handle, hard, while turning the key at the same time to get it to lock.

It is absolutely gorgeous up here.  The wind is blowing a bit hard, but it's nice and cool, it is quiet, there aren't many other people up here right now.  My mom's neighbors aren't up here at all, which is very nice to have a place like this all to yourself.  Nice place to take a couple days off. Came up yesterday and will be leaving tomorrow morning.

I have needs to get back to the valley and get some situations dealt with.  Namely, the college kid that has been slow paying on rent and the situation with the trailer tenant that reached a head last night in communicating with him via texting.  He told me he was going to pay me on Monday, then it changed to Wednesday and then it changed to Friday.  So last night I texted him stating I fully expected to get money from him tomorrow (today).  He asked me if he could just stay until the end of the month - for free apparently - and then he would be moving.

Knowing full well this guy got paid, I declined.  No, I texted back, and if you aren't going to pay, you need to get your stuff and get off of my property by morning.  That's when it turned sour and he started cussing me out.  I didn't bother to tell him I am not in town, I replied to him that if he wanted to come in and talk to me face to face, we can have a conversation about his tones towards me. He did not reply to that text and he has since removed his possessions. I had Mark lock the thing up, if there is something in there he missed, someone will have to get it out of there for him as he is not going to be going back into that trailer.

As for the college kid, he has also changed his payment story a couple of times.  I left him a note under his door before I left informing him that I fully expect him to pay up what he stated he was going to and also about his laundry habits.  He does 8 to 10 loads of laundry per WEEK.  This is one, single individual.  He runs the washer on double extra rinse cycles.  He uses hot water on every load. He sometimes does the same load twice.  Need I say that this is beyond excessive use of a freebie thrown into the rent?  What single person needs to do 8 to 10 loads of laundry per week?  I get by with 2, sometimes 3, cold water, no extra rinse cycles and certainly not washing the same load of clothing twice.  I'm just dealing with stuff that is beyond the scope of what a normal tenancy/rental normally is.  If he wants to continue to use my machines like that, he is going to have to pay $1.50 per load after the 3rd load (giving him 3 for free).  Washing clothes twice counts as 2 loads.  Hot water is .50 cents extra.

I left at the end of the note for him to contact me as to whether he wants to agree to these terms and also about the rent.

Well enough of that - the previous post that is. Excepting that I found out the hard way this morning that there is ammo hoarding going on, ...