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Tired and irritable.
I was attempting to sleep last night and kept getting woken up by noises. What are these dogs doing, I'm thinking?  After being jolted into awake-land, I finally understood that whatever was going on, it wasn't the dogs.  People going in and out of the back door.  My first thought?  Gilbert, the college-aged tenant, moving out in the middle of the night.

Wouldn't be the first time that something like this has happened.  I gave him a notice a few days ago - though not an eviction notice, I wanted him to pay up.  He has been getting behind and he had promised to give me money on Friday - though I was up in the mountains on Friday - yesterday I had to ask him about the rent (versus him coming and discussing it with me).  He gave me a story about losing his wallet and that he will need to go to the bank to get some money.  Perhaps he actually did lose his wallet, I will never know.  Anyway, I figured the notice and his situation would be the only ones movi…