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Finding A New Tenant/DirecTv

The search goes on.
For a new tenant.

But first: Direct TV

My favorite company to hate and they deserve it.  I stand on my evaluation of this company as continuing to have the worst customer service on the face of this planet.  They have not improved in their customer service since they made all of those announcements last year about it - after losing millions of customers because of it.

Regardless.  They came out and replaced the dish, the lines that go to the dish and the switch.  Whatever the switch thing is called, it is a block where all the lines from the house go into it and the 2 lines from the satellite dish go into it.  It needs electricity for whatever it does.

Saturday, I noticed several channels were not working and "searching for satellite signal".  I called Direct TV and made an appointment.  No biggies on hurrying, it's only some channels, not all of them, I can live without them until they come and fix it.  This morning, George (one of my tenants) calle…