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I'm tired and cranky.
Ever since Gilbert did his attempt-to-move-out-in-the-middle-of-the-night-thing-without-my-knowing thing, I have not been sleeping well.
But whatever.
The room is clean and done.  I called the man today to let him know it's ready and he stated he was moving in tomorrow.  Okay, I replied, Mark should be here all day if you show up before I get home from work.

However, I will be giving Mark a simple set of instructions: the man must pay up before he moves in.  Money or nothing.  I will give Mark a little "reward" of the money given for doing all he has done to help in this situation.

Long day at work.  Just tired.  I gotta get some sleep going here. I'm working on 4 or 5 hours per night, well short of what I need to feel good throughout the day - or if need be, take a nap and feel good again after slowing down.
Some of the things people do in traffic...............just maddening.

But I am not going to go into that.  Instead, since I have posted that ad for the room, I have had a large number of inquiries concerning it.   I have had numerous phone conversations, but in the end, it's whoever shows up and seems like a good fit is the person that is going to get it.

So, on my way home from work yesterday, I get a call from one of those individuals informing me he was at the house and can I get someone out there to let him in?  Yes, of course.  I was expecting him and had informed Mark that someone might be coming.

By the time I got home, they were in the bedroom, looking it over.  Quite the mess, actually.  But not the end of the world, either.  The disconcerting thing is the melted wax on the floor.  I wondered how close this house might have come to burning down with a person burning candles that is paying so little attention to them, large quantities of wax are oozing onto the floor?  Th…