Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

I am leaving in a few minutes to spend a portion of the day with my mother - and my brother and his son.  My son is also coming along with me.  I have no idea how this will turn out, but probably can turn out okay if my brother keeps politics out of the discussion.  If he starts in on it, well, I may just get up and leave.  It never turns out well when he starts in on his political views, which are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum than mine.  He can't agree to disagree agreeably - as the old saying goes - he's one of those "I'm right and you're wrong" people.  I could even stand that if he weren't so obnoxious about it.

He will make some absurd statement about Obama and all of the things he's "accomplished" and if I say anything back to the contrary, he simply can't stand it.  He will then start interrupting, raising his voice and acting as if I had just insulted him personally because I do not and won't ever agree with much of his political views.

My mother's political views and mine are almost identical.  But, she just keeps her mouth shut when my bro starts in on his ranting.  He does not visit her often and so she will put up with whatever in exchange for time spent with her son and grandson.  IF things can possibly take an amenable turn today, I will offer my brother the use of my trailer up on my mom's property to go up there for a visit.  Whether he wants to or not, I have no clue.  He used to go up there and camp, but I think camping is not his cup of tea anymore.  Fine and dandy, my trailer is home away from home.  It is very nicely decorated and has new, berber carpeting (that I installed myself and I am very pleased with it's outcome); new wallpaper that Lynnette installed last year and I have been upgrading it as money permits.

It also has AC, so no baking out there in the summer when the mid-afternoon heat hits.  It gets in the 90's in the summer in the afternoons.  It is not pleasant to be in if you are in a tent.  Been there, done that.  But, sitting in a trailer, watching TV if you are so inclined or just taking a snooze with the AC on a completely different story.  It has hot, running water (during the time of year I can keep water in the holding tank and not worry about it freezing up and freezing the lines), a microwave, etc.

Although the offer may be made, I actually do not expect him to take me up on it.  He doesn't want to go up there and visit mother, that's my take on it anyway.  Neither does my oldest brother.  The both have become very disinterested in much of anything to do with their parents.  They call her occasionally, they see her once or twice a year and that's it.  Pretty amazing considering they live - about 50 miles apart.  And when my oldest brother is up at his cabin, they are about 7 miles apart.

Well, whatever the case, I must depart for the grand feast.  Whatever may happen there, one thing is always for sure: the food will be tremendous!

Happy Easter again!\


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