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Happy Easter!

I am leaving in a few minutes to spend a portion of the day with my mother - and my brother and his son.  My son is also coming along with me.  I have no idea how this will turn out, but probably can turn out okay if my brother keeps politics out of the discussion.  If he starts in on it, well, I may just get up and leave.  It never turns out well when he starts in on his political views, which are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum than mine.  He can't agree to disagree agreeably - as the old saying goes - he's one of those "I'm right and you're wrong" people.  I could even stand that if he weren't so obnoxious about it.

He will make some absurd statement about Obama and all of the things he's "accomplished" and if I say anything back to the contrary, he simply can't stand it.  He will then start interrupting, raising his voice and acting as if I had just insulted him personally because I do not and won't eve…