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Neighbor Wars Have Escalated

It's all-out, full blown war.
My next door neighbor, who has been busy building his house - made his move yesterday.  I didn't find out about this until today, cause' I can't see that side of his house.

His neighbor - 350 man - installed metal fence posts into the ground - 23 inches into my neighbor's property - some time ago.  Ever since then, it's been all-out war.  But, it's a civil matter, not a criminal matter and my neighbor has been through the rungs in attempting to deal with this.

So yesterday?  He installed 2X4's into the ground - on 350 man's property side of the fence- but really it's my neighbor's property - to erect a fence.  My neighbor's lawyer informed him that he can't take down 350 man's fence posts, but he can install his own fence up to the real property line.  When my neighbor told me this today, I went to take a look.

Oh yes, he did.  And 350 man called the police.  The police can do nothing, a civil matt…
I thought it was the water bill. A letter with City of Phoenix logo on it.
I opened it and found a note inside saying the city prosecutor has decided to press charges against the owner of the dogs that attacked Duke.
Very odd. They sent me a letter a month or two ago saying they were not going to do that.  It had talk in it about sending the woman to jail and this that and the other thing.
Well, they never asked me my opinion on the subject but the reality of it is, all I want is the money I had to spend on the vet back.  Perhaps put those dogs down.  That person is a very irresponsible dog owner seeing from the numerous times I have driven past there and seen the gate open and the door to the house open.  Those dogs could easily just run out of the house and start their junk all over again.  My dogs have gotten out before, but they don't go tearing up the first animal they see.

But I'm not a fan of Pit Bulls and anytime they attack anyone or other dog I am a fan of seeing t…