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I make no apologies, I am not a proponent of gun control.  I don't care what Obama and his ilk are saying or how badly he wants to lambaste Republicans in an attempt to make them look evil for taking any kind of stand against it - which is exactly what he is attempting to do - gun control is not going to work and that has been proven repeatedly, time and time again in other nations throughout the world through a vast expanse of time.

None of these measures they are proposing would have stopped the Newtown killer from obtaining the weapons he had stolen from his mother.  None of these proposals will do anything about all the existing guns in Americans' hands so what's the point?  Not only that, but gun manufacturers in anti-gun states are considering leaving those states for green pastures.  I can't blame them.  I DO like the idea of starting somewhere at a baseline to deal with mentally ill individuals, but even then I think you start on a slippery slope.

Whatever the…