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Let's bomb the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Yeah, that's a great idea!  You have to wonder what, exactly, is going through the mind or minds or the person or people the enacted this horrific event.  Why?  I don't understand people who just want to kill others.  Okay, let me say here that there are circumstances where a person can lose it and potentially get some sympathy from the public.

Revisit the dad whose 2 young sons were killed when they were attempting to push their broken down vehicle back to their house.  A drunk driver smashed those kids and the dad - shot the man in the head.  Whether it's right or wrong?  I can definitely see where the man's mind would be at under such circumstances.  That drunk driver just took his offspring from him.  I don't know that, in such circumstances, I would have killed the driver, but - I am not going to say that that driver would have walked away under their own power.

I'm going to wait on this one.  Who did…