Monday, April 15, 2013

Let's bomb the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Yeah, that's a great idea!  You have to wonder what, exactly, is going through the mind or minds or the person or people the enacted this horrific event.  Why?  I don't understand people who just want to kill others.  Okay, let me say here that there are circumstances where a person can lose it and potentially get some sympathy from the public.

Revisit the dad whose 2 young sons were killed when they were attempting to push their broken down vehicle back to their house.  A drunk driver smashed those kids and the dad - shot the man in the head.  Whether it's right or wrong?  I can definitely see where the man's mind would be at under such circumstances.  That drunk driver just took his offspring from him.  I don't know that, in such circumstances, I would have killed the driver, but - I am not going to say that that driver would have walked away under their own power.

I'm going to wait on this one.  Who did this? Al Qaeda?  A nutcase?  Some other militant group?  A rogue nation?  This is the world we live in and it's full of evil.  There is no understanding such things taking place, only the fact that this world is corrupt.

Onto other things. Church was amazing on Sunday.  Absolutely incredible. The presence of the Lord was palpable.  I had a word from the Lord that was intense. I didn't give it, though I should have.  An older lady came up to me while all of this was going on - rather surprising - sat down next to me and told me that she was not going to let me go on this one.  What?  "You have a word!  You must share it with the Body of Christ!"  

I was taken aback. Not in a bad way, she was right: I had a word yet I go through so many mind-battles at church, still, that I don't want to go up front, pick up a microphone and start speaking. Not that I am afraid to - I have preached in front of a lot of people - but I don't want to give out something that is not purely from the Lord.  I never did get up there.  She came up to me after the service and apologized, asking me for my forgiveness for offending me.

NO, I replied, you definitely did not offend me! I need a good boot in the rear.  A short discussion and she asked if I would at least write it out and send it to the pastor.  I agreed to that and I did.  He wrote me back and exclaimed how powerful a word it was and could he share it with the elders?  After that, he then said he wanted to share it with the entire congregation.

I am no great man of God. I am a faulted human.  This is my hangup.  After I got divorced, ministry went by the wayside and got off track.  I have been off track for so long, it's been very hard to try and get back into the swing of things concerning church and ministry.  Yet I hear these things coming from the heavenlies and it churns within me, especially during services.

Well, anyway, onto other things.  I went outside today to feed the fish in the ponds and was startled at the site of the horse trough pond.  All the fish were at the top, gasping for air.  A fish's version of drowning.  Meaning there isn't enough oxygen in the water.  A quick check found that the aerator had quit working.  Goodness gracious.  I don't want my fish dying like that!  I quickly went to the front pond that has nothing but mosquito eating fishing in it, grabbed the aerator off of it and set it up.  I then removed the waterfall filter - it was clogged - and cleaned it out and put it back.  I then got some pavers and put underneath that filter - which pours out water over the side of it, making a waterfall - and made it a higher fall of water, meaning greater aeration.  After that, I started pumping fresh water into the pond.

I hope that is enough to get them into a better situation.  Tomorrow I am going to buy 2 aerators for that pond and get it fully oxygenated.  But, fish attempting to sip air through their mouths at the surface are fish that won't last very long.  I am going to go out there in a minute and check again, it should be getting better in there by now.  Enough that they don't have to be hanging out at the surface.

It's late, for me anyway, need to get to bed.



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