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Western Union Fraud

You want to talk about distracted driving, that was me, coming to work this morning.
That's because I was online, looking at my checking account - I pretty much do that on a daily basis.  When I got into the account, the amount in there was waaaaaay lower than I expected to see.  I started thinking, what on earth did I do?  I fixed Caleb's car and filled it up with gas, but it wouldn't have cost that much money.

The account comes up and there it is: 2 debits in the amount of $155.02 each.  Didn't make any debits for that amount yesterday or the day before and if I had, I wouldn't have made 2 of them for the exact same amount. I didn't recognize the name of the company on there, it just had WU with an 800 number.  I called the number - Western Union.

You want to talk about a good reason to check your accounts on a daily basis, this is the biggest one I can think of: people out there are out to steal your money and if they find a way to do it, you are cooked, sc…