Thursday, April 18, 2013

Well, apparently the money they put back into my account is = my money or they probably would have taken it out by now.  I dunno, but I gave up being mad at the thief that stole it, the world is full of thieves and I have been victimized in the past, nothing new under the sun, no sense in holding it against a person I will never even see, much less get to meet and...........

Nice, windy day.  Winds came and brought in much cooler air, something more like the feel April SHOULD.  There is nothing in my mind that tells me that April should start feeling like near the end of May when the heat of summer begins to kick in and you start bracing yourself for the worst to come.

Fish troubles.  Aerator quit working - I have enough fish in that pond that an aerator that quits working? Those fish are going to be gulping air at the surface of the pond maybe half a day later.  Or so.  I think I just barely had enough aeration going into that pond as it was.  Well, go out there Monday after work and ALL of them were at the surface attempting to gulp air. This typically means they don't have much time before they die.

Air pump had quit.  I quickly went out front to the pond with only mosquito eaters in it - they can live in standing water - took that pump and set it up.  It only has enough for one aerator in the pond, but enough, I think.  I then took the filter assembly apart, cleaned it out and then set it up higher by adding more pavers underneath it.  Meaning the waterfall will be from a higher perch and more aeration from the water falling into the pond by virtue of the water going deeper from the waterfall.

I then added plenty of fresh water.  I simply had no desire to go to the store.  Yesterday, I went and bought a much larger air pump at Walmart, the biggest they have and that was it.  That thing cranks out a lot of air.  The water looks like it's boiling at the area where the bubbles are coming up.  Thankfully, no fish lost and they are swimming around as normal.

But, the water is getting dirty so now I am going to have to start cleaning out the filter every couple of days until it's clean again.  Big PITA.  It's getting dirty cause' it's growing season and the fish are eating like crazy.  Rather then cut back on their diet, I will just have to clean out the filters more frequently.  Just got done with one of them, will do the other one tomorrow.

Which reminds me, I have a 3 day weekend coming up.  Finish off tomorrow and I get Friday off.  The purchasing agent at a municipality that I frequent in making deliveries - and we talk a lot about blackjack - wants me to come to the casino and see if we 2 can end up in the final series.  It's a weekly thing on Fridays at 3:00 am.  Yes, that is Friday morning, 3 AM.  He has 3 day weekends every week - many municipalities are switching to 4 - 10 hour work days instead of 5 - 8 hours and so, lucky him, 4 day a week work schedule.  He CAN get up at whatever time to be at the casino that early.  Actually, he stays up all night long!  Me?  I would go to bed at 8:00 pm and get up instead of attempting to stay up all night long, too much for me to handle being up all night.

I am considering it is all I can say about it.  It's a 25 buck buy in and you get a coupon for free breakfast at one of the casino's restaurants.  I have eaten at one of that particular casino's restaurants and the food was very good.  That was, of course, after winning $500 and deciding that a free meal - free because of the house's money, lol - was called for.

I started this entry a day and a half ago, lol.

Now, it's Thursday late afternoon, I am off work until Monday.  Very long day today, but I got a run up to Globe in.  They were going to do it tomorrow - and I would have lost that run - but I talked them into it cause' tomorrow?  They have all KINDS of stuff in there to do.  A 3 plus hour run up to the mountains would not be a happening event.

Interesting day. Up early - 4:00, jolted out of deep sleep by the ridiculous phone alarm - annoying as all get out but that's the inten...