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Finally got myself to go back to a casino.  Haven't been in  - a couple of years I think.  I have been playing the free, online version through MyVegas for a while now and decided to go an see what happens.

First table: 2 guys that had no clue what they were doing.  Didn't sit there long.  Second table, would have had the table to myself but a guy showed up as I was placing a bet.  I sat there for a while - it was up and down.  I decided that table wasn't working and went to another one - which wasn't working at ALL.  I ventured over to the other side of the building to their other blackjack tables.

2 guys at the table I sat down at.  One got up and left - making bad decisions on hands - and that's when I made the comeback.  Nothing grand.  But there was one hand that was very interesting.  I was dealt a pair of Aces.  I split.  I get another Ace.  Split again. I get another Ace and yes, split again! 4 hands running now.  You only get one card per hand when splitt…