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I've read a number of articles about helicopter parents.  These are folks that would rather do everything for their child instead of letting them learn - and probably making a lot of mistakes in the process - of how to do things for themselves.  It has been interesting to finally read some articles about studies that show that this kind of parenting actually harms a child versus helping them learn much of anything on their own in life.

I must admit, with my son, that teaching him how to cook has not been high on my list of priorities in life.  I just have never had the patience.  It's easier for me to whip something up and serve it to him than to have to go through all that process to teach him how to cook.  My ex-wife, apparently, the same way.

I say that because he has finally taken it upon himself that in order to be able to make it on his own? Cooking is a big part of that.  Sure, you can do microwave junk and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches; cereal with milk, but is th…