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It's all out war.  This war consists of having had placed an online order for a very realistic, cool-looking Great Blue Heron and also having had bought shade fabric to put around the ground installed pond to keep the Heron from wading in.

Frankly, if it were legal, I would just take the thing out with my pellet rifle.  It has a scope on it and it is very accurate.  I could take that bird out with one shot from that thing.  It isn't some play toy, it is a very powerful, air-driven rifle that looks like a real rifle.  Wood stock and almost 3 feet long.  The only way you can tell it's not a real rifle is the size of the barrel.  It is obvious after a closer look at it that it's not a large enough diameter to have any bullets going through it.

But I will have to dismiss that thought as I am sure if I did shoot the thing down, neighbors would be calling the police and I would probably get arrested.  Not worth it, especially considering there are other ways to deal with t…