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So, Caleb has shown a sudden interest in learning how to cook.  This started about a month ago.  I finally heard why he is so interested in such last night:  His missionary stint to the Salvation Army will include him having to cook for himself.  He mostly has not cooked much of anything in his lifetime, relying on frozen dinners and whatever I cook or his mother cooks.

So, it's good to see that he will have to fend for himself in that arena.  Today, he will learn how to cook and glaze a ham - pretty easy stuff - and how to make mashed potatoes out of real potatoes (versus instant potatoes) and that should do it.  Well, throw in a vegetable or 2 of course.

Anyway, this will be a busy day. Start off with the worship service at my church, but then leave early to go to Caleb's church to see him promoted to a Solider within the Salvation Army, a necessary move for him to be able to go to Hawaii later this year as a missionary.  After that, our church is going to do baptisms at one…