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The service at the Salvation Army yesterday was pretty cool.  I missed my church's service excepting to go to the first 45 minutes of worship, but I was amazed at the worship service the SA had, very anointed.  I took a video of Caleb and another person who was also going through the ceremony to become a Soldier.  I don't really know what becoming a soldier in the SA actually means in terms of what they expect of you, though there are commitments he made yesterday that were interesting.   
I was also given a complement by one of his friends, lol.  "You're dad's pretty buff".  Oh really?  Nice to hear from the younger generation.  Vanity I guess, but I'll take it, lol.
That was it.  I didn't go to the baptismal yesterday for our church, I was plain too tired, it was a later start time and I wanted to see Caleb when he came home.   I also was still obsessing about that stupid bird that keeps eating my fish, keeping an eye on the sky and the ponds, waiti…