Tuesday, April 30, 2013


One of the worst things to happen when renting out room is when drama starts happening.
You don't want to come home to a house full of people that are not liking it.
Yesterday? Unbelievable and one tenant gone in the aftermath.
Mark was missing a throttle handle to his bike and had found his wire brush broken in half.
He claimed that he had just had the throttle handle on top of his toolbox out there and that the wire brush was intact not 10 minutes earlier.

Enter the new tenant.  Mark asks him what happened to it, jumping right to the point and getting right at the start of it.
This goes on back and forth for a while, I said nothing.  I wasn't going to get involved with this situation unless it began to get hostile.
Well, this guy goes out front and then comes storming back in, he had "found" the handle.  He also left the gate wide open and the dogs went running right on out.

I'm just shaking my head in disbelief.  I went out and called Duke and Prince back - they will listen.  But Sophie?  I called her once and she completely ignored me.  Been done this road, not even worth chasing after her.  She's going to run around the neighborhood, get it out of her system and hopefully come back.  I'm also not very happy with the dude and we get into it.  Bypassing a lot, he goes into the house where George finally heard what was going on and now THEY get into it at the kitchen table.  I was getting upset with this dude so before I did anything stupid, I walked out front and started watering my plants, just get away from it, let the thing cool off and also wait out there for Sophie to come back.

It was about 15 minutes later she comes trotting down the street, sees me, I call her and she came right up to me.  For that I rewarded her for "good" behavior and figured at least if it happens again, there won't be a negative correlation with coming home and possibly getting reprimanded.  I put her in the back yard, I was waiting for Mark to get back, it's basically a futile thing to go chasing after a dog like that that is very agile and does not want to be caught.

While waiting, this dude comes out the other gate.  He didn't see me and I watched him cross the front yard and - yes - left THAT gate wide open.  Time for him to go.  That's all I could think.  I yelled at him this time: WHAT are you DOING?

This story goes on and on, but the end result?  After cross words exchanged, he is leaving as of today.

Well, another wonderful day at work facing me, no, the new truck didn't come in yesterday (as it was scheduled to) and here we go, off to the races!



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