Wednesday, May 1, 2013

That was one of the shortest terms I have ever had a tenant in here: just less than a month.  THE shortest was the FIRST tenant, I think she lasted 9 days before I booted her out and all the ensuing chaos.  Anyway, he was in here yesterday with his girlfriend allegedly "moving out", but he didn't have that much stuff to begin with and they weren't walking out with anything, so the mind can only wander in to the area of what they might have been doing.

He stated he would be out by 9:00 pm last night.  Whether he was or wasn't, I dunno cause' I went to bed and found his room vacated with door open this morning, good riddance, don't let the door hit you on your way out and don't call me cause' I most definitely WON'T be calling you.

That's my way of saying goodbye to a person that has caused a lot of trouble.

Now the quest to find another roommate.  I was afraid that I might have trouble find another good person.  It's always a gamble.  They can put on a good face for you at the beginning and turn into a devil after they are moved in.  If they know their rights, they can make it difficult for you to get them out.  If they don't know their rights and they are starting trouble with everyone, you can just tell them to leave and see what happens.

It's funny how rentals go. I posted an ad last time and I had 15-20 replies in a couple of days.  I have had 2 ads up for a day and a half now with only 2 replies.  Well, whatever.  I need the money but I don't need a bad tenant.

All of this junk happening this week and here it is only Wednesday/Hump day.

I did have another ex-tenant call and ask if I had a room available last week. He calls from time to time wondering if I have a room.  I would not, however, give him one.  He did not and would not help clean up the bathroom and he was pretty messy in the kitchen.  He was always on time with his rent, though.  And we got along well besides those issues - but those issues are very important to me.  I don't like a dirty kitchen and I get a bit antsy with people that won't help keep the bathroom clean.

So, just going to keep posting ads until I find someone.

As for now..............time to be off to work.



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