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Well I started getting a little more particular with the responses to my room ad.  I want someone mature, has a decent job or at least something that can pay their rent, have them eating and doing whatever they like to do without going around asking other tenants for help all the time.  Ridiculous.  You try to help someone out and they simply take advantage of you, or usually, of the other people in the house.  I find out about it after the fact as no-one wants to say anything to me because they know what I will: confront the person.

That dude I kicked out I asked him nicely when he moved in to please not ask Mark for cigarettes.  He doesn't have a lot of money and can't afford to support 2 people's worth of habits.  I find out the dude was bumming cigs from him all the time and Mark has a hard time telling people no (which is why I asked the guy to please not start asking - which was started when he asked if I had a cig when he first moved in [and flared the warning signs…