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For reasons I simply am not going to go into, I was awake much of the night last night - and I paid for it at work today.  10-1/2 hours on very little sleep.  I was begging for the work day to end so I could come home and just sit down.  And stay seated for a while, lol.  If it weren't still daylight, I would go to bed right now.  But, it's not even 6pm , not a happening event.

A discussion with the ex-wife last night had me committing to paying for half of Caleb's airfare to Hawaii.  I wasn't necessarily even thinking about going along that route, but she was and wanted to know if I would do so.  Well, why not.  But, Caleb is going to have to get other people involved with raising money for his journey. He is going to do that, but I fear the procrastination factor.  You can't just wait.  He only has 3 months or so to come up with the $3,500 he has to pitch in to the Salvation Army for his portion of the expenses incurred in him being over there for a year.

The a…