Saturday, May 4, 2013

For reasons I simply am not going to go into, I was awake much of the night last night - and I paid for it at work today.  10-1/2 hours on very little sleep.  I was begging for the work day to end so I could come home and just sit down.  And stay seated for a while, lol.  If it weren't still daylight, I would go to bed right now.  But, it's not even 6pm , not a happening event.

A discussion with the ex-wife last night had me committing to paying for half of Caleb's airfare to Hawaii.  I wasn't necessarily even thinking about going along that route, but she was and wanted to know if I would do so.  Well, why not.  But, Caleb is going to have to get other people involved with raising money for his journey. He is going to do that, but I fear the procrastination factor.  You can't just wait.  He only has 3 months or so to come up with the $3,500 he has to pitch in to the Salvation Army for his portion of the expenses incurred in him being over there for a year.

The airfare is going to have to be bought and soon.  I have heard nothing but the fact that the prices will go up as summer gets into full tilt.

Step of faith, frankly, as the airfare at the price we are getting it at - $303 - is non-refundable, clearly states that on U.S. Airways site and well, we certainly hope this is a go.

Whatever the case, the weekend is here.  None too soon.  Put in for a week off the first week of June.  Can't wait - though that hasn't been confirmed yet, lol.  But I am taking a week off regardless.  If not the first week in June, then sometime in June and probably another week off in August.  No plans as of yet, but probably a trek up to the mountains for at least a couple of nights and then whatever else, who knows.  Maybe nothing else, just want to take time off from work, I need a break.  It starts getting old and redundant after a while and that's when you know you need some extended time off.  I start getting cranky with certain people at the main branch that don't DO - anything.  2 new hires I have watched sitting around doing absolutely NOTHING every time I go down there, which is quite frequently.  Yesterday, I was down there and saw one of them sitting at a computer doing some kind of training.

I asked if he would help me pull the orders.  No, he replied, he needed to do his training on inventory.  Well, I said, pulling orders is far more important than taking training on inventory, you can do that anytime.  He then went into a diatribe about what good is it to pull orders if there is no inventory to pull it from? Yada yada yada.  His boss sitting right there, I frankly and bluntly told him I wasn't going to argue with him about it and would do it myself as I always do down there and walked off, rather disgusted at the whole situation.

His boss, however, knows that I will say something to my manager who will then inform the operations manager.  We spend too much time down there pulling our own orders.  They have multiple people working the warehouse and much of the time they appear to be idle, doing nothing, wandering about aimlessly.  However, when you ask them to help you, they do nothing and make excuses about how busy they are.  If I am down there for 2 hours and I see them doing nothing the entire time, that excuse doesn't wash, which is exactly what happens just about every time I go down there.

Anyway, that guy offering me the diatribe on inventory was soon busy helping pull the multiple orders that I was pulling, by virtue of his boss informing him to get up off his ass and get the job done.  It is a stark contrast to the guy that used to be in his position - the man that was killed in a vehicle accident up north on I-40.  I didn't have to ask him to help me, he would always offer.

Started this entry yesterday, it is now Saturday morning and George has his surround sound going at full tilt, which is quite annoying this early in the morning and knowing other people are probably still trying to sleep.  I am going to ask the new tenant if it is bothering him and if it is, George is going to have to refrain from using that thing early mornings or late at night.

Whatever.  Not sure what I am going to do with today.  Maybe nothing.  Probably go outside and busy myself with landscape stuff, always plenty of that to do.


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