Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Back from church.
Instead of being bone tired as I was before I left, I am now wide awake.  
Ummmmm, so, here I am. 
I completely forgot that I put in for a week off at the beginning of June.
I am not sure I want to go up to the trailer, or if I do only a couple of nights.  

I would like to go spend a couple of nights at some fine hotel and just be alone.  No dogs, no people, no nothing.  This would be more rejuvenating for me than much of anything else I can think of - well I can think of other things but price tags make them too expensive to even consider.  

Las Vegas is only 280 miles away.  I have enough gold coins to get a pretty nice room for free.  I don't care about the glitter and the casinos - I could get far enough away from here to feel as though I have "escaped" and at the same time not have to spend a lot of money to do so and spend 2 nights there for free.  What about your trip there in August?  Who cares about August, I need now.  I can still build those coins back up and have enough to go up if I still want to with the tenants.  

But August may prove to be a busy month.  Caleb will be back for a short period of time and there are already 2 sending-away parties being set up for him and I want to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves and I don't get to see him again for an entire year.  

I'm more considering taking another week off in August and possibly doing something with him before sending him off - if he has the time of course and if it would work out.  A couple days on the ocean or something.  I dunno.  They have some great sight-seeing trips from pretty much anywhere along the California coast.  Just throwing things around in my head, see if anything lands anywhere.

As for Las Vegas, the Aria had a City View room - meaning it's high up - for 2 nights at 200,000 gold coins.  Of which I happen to have.  I actually have 380,000 gold coins on the game, it would leave me 180,000 left over and now that I have found the "secret" to acquiring gold coins quickly, I could build it back up again before August arrives - but again - a trip anywhere like that in August at this point is not necessarily a probable event.  I am certain that the parental heart in me is going to want to see as much of my son as I can.

Well whatever.  I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.  I AM seriously considering using my gold coins on my slated vacation.  It's only 2 nights, I think it would be a blast, to be honest.  Maybe do a little blackjack action, but the room itself, isolating myself.  Do you know what it's like to live in a house with as many people as I have living here?  I have only myself to blame, obviously, but I am subjected to all kinds of sounds and conversations and this and that.  

Ahhh, there it is.  Fatigue creeping back in.  

Time for bed.


I am very annoyed right now.
First off a dog that shit on my bedroom floor last night.
Lack of sleep.
Manager gone at court today and when that happens I get all the phone calls and inquiries that he usually gets.  Annoyed salesman wanting to know when what is getting where and after a while I got rather curt with one of them that got an attitude with me.  Manager was selected for a jury and he is very upset - he is supposed to leave on vacation to Chicago on Saturday.

The new worker at our branch decided he was going to nothing.  When I was leaving to get in the semi and take off - for the entire day - I gave him some suggestions as to what to do with his day.  Sitting around on his ass was not one of them.  I told him if nothing else, there is plenty of clean-up he could do.  He simply stated that he was going to "wait for deliveries".  That was very annoying.  But I am not his manager.  However, his manager knows about it - I was talking with my boss after he finally got out of court today and I informed him of the new worker's decision to basically - do nothing.  Boss got mad - very mad.  We both work our asses off on a daily basis and a new person that decides that when the boss leaves, he's just going to sit around smoking cigarettes all day long?  That person will not last very long at our branch.
I asked my manager if he had a list he would like to supply to this dude - yup - and he's going to email it to me in the morning.  If the guy comes off with the same attitude again, I will simply relay that information to my manager and he can act accordingly.

And a lot of junk that happened at construction sites, making it take way longer to get the work done than it should have.  Like, getting off after 5:00pm.
The only bright spot in the day was when I got back to the yard - a brand new tractor.  Our new semi finally arrived and the thing is much better than what I envisioned.
It actually has chrome, lol
It also has an air horn, which the current tractor does not have.
Significance: I am tired of sitting behind people at stop lights that are texting and paying no attention to the fact that the light has turned green and has been green for several seconds.  An air horn will get their attention and if they flip me off, I don't care. I drive my vehicle, I don't sit around playing with electronic toys and not paying any attention to the road in front of me.
The AC works.  Yes, even after that long of a day of driving all over the place, I got in that new tractor, fired that beast up and took it for a spin around the yard.  No bad, but I suspect the governor is set too low.

NP, when it's due for an oil change, they can bring out their computer and set it up to 75 or 79 mph.
It has a CD player and really cool, it has electric mirrors - IE: adjust both sides with a switch.  It also has all wheel lock instead of the 2 wheel inter-axle lock, which it has that too.  Next time I get stuck in a pile of rocks at a construction site, I can simply flip that switch and walaah, I will drive right out of it.

The only thing I don't know about is the Detroit Diesel engine it has in it.  I haven't driven a tractor with a Detroit in it since the mid 80's.  I am a CAT fan first, then Cummins.  I am guessing Detroits have gotten better - I do hope so.

Well, whatever.  Long day. The kicker? I am leaving for church in about 10 minutes.  I do hope to sleep well tonight, lol.

I actually have plenty more to write, but, time has run out and I am pretty sure that when I get home from church, sitting down at the computer won't be any of my planned activities, IE: time to go to bed!



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