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Back from church. Instead of being bone tired as I was before I left, I am now wide awake.   Ummmmm, so, here I am.  I completely forgot that I put in for a week off at the beginning of June. I am not sure I want to go up to the trailer, or if I do only a couple of nights.  
I would like to go spend a couple of nights at some fine hotel and just be alone.  No dogs, no people, no nothing.  This would be more rejuvenating for me than much of anything else I can think of - well I can think of other things but price tags make them too expensive to even consider.  
Las Vegas is only 280 miles away.  I have enough gold coins to get a pretty nice room for free.  I don't care about the glitter and the casinos - I could get far enough away from here to feel as though I have "escaped" and at the same time not have to spend a lot of money to do so and spend 2 nights there for free.  What about your trip there in August?  Who cares about August, I need now.  I can still build those …
I am very annoyed right now.
First off a dog that shit on my bedroom floor last night.
Lack of sleep.
Manager gone at court today and when that happens I get all the phone calls and inquiries that he usually gets.  Annoyed salesman wanting to know when what is getting where and after a while I got rather curt with one of them that got an attitude with me.  Manager was selected for a jury and he is very upset - he is supposed to leave on vacation to Chicago on Saturday.

The new worker at our branch decided he was going to nothing.  When I was leaving to get in the semi and take off - for the entire day - I gave him some suggestions as to what to do with his day.  Sitting around on his ass was not one of them.  I told him if nothing else, there is plenty of clean-up he could do.  He simply stated that he was going to "wait for deliveries".  That was very annoying.  But I am not his manager.  However, his manager knows about it - I was talking with my boss after he finally got…