Thursday, May 9, 2013

It was time to say something.
This concerning an individual that they just hired maybe 2 or so months ago at the main branch downtown.
He doesn't do much of anything unless his boss specifically directs him to.
If you ask him to do something, he tells you he is busy.  I am usually down there at least an hour, often times more - I will watch him wandering around, doing absolutely nothing.

This is not the kind of attitude my company much cares for in a worker.  Strong work ethic is pretty much a pre-requisite for our company and people who do not want to work won't last long.

I was down there 2 days ago when the guy started in on me about a small amount of pipe he had pulled for a transfer going to our branch.  It had been sitting there since a couple days before that, I simply did not have the room for it.  It is a stock transfer, meaning it is going into our inventory, it is not slated for a delivery, so I didn't absolutely need to take it.  I had loaded the 48 foot trailer from front to back with materials we needed for deliveries, no room for it.  He got mad and informed me that he would no longer be pulling pipe for us and that he was going to be putting this pipe back.  I told him  to take a look at my truck.  Where, exactly, was I going to put it?

No matter to him.  So today, I am down there again. He had put the pipe away.  I was going to tell this dude exactly what I think of him and his work ethic - but I waited a while and let myself cool down a bit. This guy has been talking to me as if he's been working there 20 years and is some sort of manager in the company.  I approached his manager and informed him of the situation - told me he was never going to pull pipe for me again and that he was putting the pipe that he pulled back, which he did and I handed him the transfer ticket that he had signed.  I then said to him that if he wasn't going to deal with it, I was going to speak my mind to that individual and that individual probably wasn't going to like it.

That was that.  The manager adamantly state he would speak to the man and that he could pull the f****** pipe himself and that was that.

Yes, what I wanted and needed to hear.

Changing the subject.  The lady whose dogs mauled Duke finally showed up - while I was writing this entry actually.  She handed me all of $8.  Yes, that's eight dollars.  Assessing her situation, she probably falls well below the poverty level and has kids.  Young kids, I was amazed she was still making babies after the last set she had.  Free rent - Hud.  Free food - Food Stamps.  Free medical - Obamacare.  Free cell phone - federal government, don't know which administration started that.  Free internet - maybe/probably.  Although not much of a life, if a person is so inclined, they can live completely off the government for free.

I flatly told her that she would have to come over at least once a week with something.  The city sent me yet another thing in the mail today that I have 7 days from the receipt of that letter to file for restitution.  I am not going to do that.  I am simply going to go after her personally for the money.  If it comes down to her not paying, I don't have to go after restitution, I can sue her in the local court. Well, I'll think about it.  Restitution is easier.  The court orders her to pay and if she doesn't then a contempt of court bench warrant is issued and she has to appear to tell the court why, exactly, she hasn't paid.  I am not totally dismissing that idea, I have 7 days to make up my mind.

Church.  So, I am going to start doing security at church once a month.  Unbeknownst to me, they had a meeting about security and what needs to be done about it, which is when the youth teachers stated they were not comfortable with the lack of anyone out there to stand guard, basically.  A few names were brought up, mine was one of them.


Interlude, long one.
I turned my mom onto Facebook and she is figuring it out, including how to start a chat with someone.  In this case - me, lol.  She was asking if I was coming up tomorrow - she's not up there but planning on either going up Saturday or Sunday. I replied that I would if I get off work early enough tomorrow.

Which was enough for her to assume I am going to be up there, lol.

I'm fairly well obligated to go up there at this point.  Ummmm, but there is a lot to do and it's time to go to bed for me - and the real kicker? - a LOT of stuff to do in our truck routing system tomorrow.  Tangle that with a disgruntled manager who is losing his vacation due to jury duty - he's coming to work tomorrow but only because the court apparently takes Fridays off - and has to be back at the court on Monday - meaning missing his flight to Chicago on Saturday morning - wow!  The workplace does offer some interesting - stuff.   It's a life unto it's own with so many different personalities, some of which grate against me in a particularly freakish way.

I don't wonder if this is part of God's way of forcing me to deal with the issues in my life.  You know, like not respond in kind to a person mouthing off and going off the cuff?  Or some freak attempting to tell me how to do my job?

Some stuff I wrote missing here.  I would re-write, but it's my bedtime.



This woman whose dogs attacked Duke continues to blow me off.
I have a running texting conversation with her.
She is very poor is the biggest problem.
I am not being an ogre or a troll to her, but I do want her to pay for Duke's hospital visit, regardless of how long it takes her to pay it off.
As of yet, she hasn't given me a single dime.  Allegedly, she's coming over today to give whatever she can afford.
I dunno, but if you are going to have vicious dogs and they are going to get out of their confinement, then expect to have to pay whatever for the damages they cause.

That's all I can say about that.

The new truck.  Small cab, not much room inside of it for much of anything.  I have a lot of stuff I have to carry with me for the job, pretty difficult to find a place for everything when there are very few cubby holes to stick things in.  Not really happy about that.  It also shifts funny. It has the same exact transmission in it as the old truck - well obviously not exactly the same as the thing wants to be shifted from one gear to the next immediately with no hesitation and if you miss it, it lets you know about it.  In fact the shifting on it is pretty much - ridiculous.  I will get used to it, I guess, but I have never driven a truck with a transmission that doesn't have you wait a short period between gears.

It also has a stupid turn signal system. It's the same as a car.  It shuts itself off, which would be great excepting the fact that in semis, you are often turning the steering wheel in both directions to make a turn, which shuts the signal off long before you finish making the turn.  Pretty stupid set up.  The thing shuts the radio off when you start backing.  I guess they don't want "distracted backing", lol.  They had fluourescent orange seatbelts installed on it.  Apparently they want you busted if you aren't wearing it.  Kind of humiliating treatment, frankly, from a company that I have driven for for over 7 years.  As if I need this kind of treatment
because I must, somehow, be a bad driver and don't use my seatbelt?

Governor kicks in at 66 MPH.  Another ridiculous notion.  It often times happens on the freeway that the only way to get over to the next lane I need to get over to is to speed up and get in front of a vehicle.  Most drivers nowadays will not let you in, no matter how long you have had the turn signal on indicating that you want to get over.  Slowing down usually doesn't work, either, since there is usually vehicles behind them and they won't let you in, either.  I am going to ask to have it set up to at least 75MPH, which is the speed limit on the Interstates around these parts when you get out of town.

Well whatever.  I'll get used to most of it, I don't have a choice excepting to go find a new job I guess.  Not really interested in doing that right now and speaking of jobs, I must be out of here!



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