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It was time to say something.
This concerning an individual that they just hired maybe 2 or so months ago at the main branch downtown.
He doesn't do much of anything unless his boss specifically directs him to.
If you ask him to do something, he tells you he is busy.  I am usually down there at least an hour, often times more - I will watch him wandering around, doing absolutely nothing.

This is not the kind of attitude my company much cares for in a worker.  Strong work ethic is pretty much a pre-requisite for our company and people who do not want to work won't last long.

I was down there 2 days ago when the guy started in on me about a small amount of pipe he had pulled for a transfer going to our branch.  It had been sitting there since a couple days before that, I simply did not have the room for it.  It is a stock transfer, meaning it is going into our inventory, it is not slated for a delivery, so I didn't absolutely need to take it.  I had loaded the 48 foot tra…
This woman whose dogs attacked Duke continues to blow me off.
I have a running texting conversation with her.
She is very poor is the biggest problem.
I am not being an ogre or a troll to her, but I do want her to pay for Duke's hospital visit, regardless of how long it takes her to pay it off.
As of yet, she hasn't given me a single dime.  Allegedly, she's coming over today to give whatever she can afford.
I dunno, but if you are going to have vicious dogs and they are going to get out of their confinement, then expect to have to pay whatever for the damages they cause.

That's all I can say about that.

The new truck.  Small cab, not much room inside of it for much of anything.  I have a lot of stuff I have to carry with me for the job, pretty difficult to find a place for everything when there are very few cubby holes to stick things in.  Not really happy about that.  It also shifts funny. It has the same exact transmission in it as the old truck - well obviously no…